Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lie To Me: 2012 GOP Hopefuls Style

It's seems that the science behind the TV show, "Lie To Me", may not be as far fetched as I originally thought. Or Is It?

One of Right Speaks Readers left an interesting link to an article called, "Face The Nation: How Sensory Logic Sees Secrets In Candidates' Mugs".

It seems that there are those who feel that much can be learned from the expressions of our 2012 GOP hopefuls:
Dan Hill, president of Sensory Logic and author of Emotionomics and About Face, is a facial coding expert who works with leading Fortune 150 companies, professional sports teams, and government agencies (e.g. TSA). Sensory Logic helps clients who market to consumers by measuring their emotional facial responses to various stimuli in an effort maximize appeal. Companies also hire Hill to assist in employee recruitment and talent management.
Hill has been diagnosing candidates and predicting elections since 2004. In October 2007, he had Obama 2-1 emerging as the Democratic presidential nominee when a famous former White House advisor and current GOP pundit had him at 20-1. He was ahead of the pack in predicting the demises of Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson. Historically, Hill says, the happier candidate triumphs (think frowny Dole, Kerry, McCain, etc.). Sensory Logic uses proprietary Cartesian Graphs to measure and score the impact, appeal, and engagement, emoted and emitted, by the candidate’s face. A person can show four types of smiles but a “’true smile’ which is a strong natural smile seen around the eyes and mouth” is more rare, distinctive, and powerful. Hill’s analysis suggests when a politician should drop out or not even enter the race (when his heart, or face, is not in it)......
.....Several of Hill’s conclusions drawn from the candidate analysis:
• "Chris Christie (who says he won't run for president) is the most negative, making him a logical VP choice to tap into the Tea Party's anti-establishment anger."
• "Mitch Daniels and John Huntsman are the antithesis of Trump: Trump is most intense, while they are the least intense and the most understated."
• "If Romney wins the nomination, Buddy Roemer could be a natural VP choice--fellow businessman and the same emotional profile while adding regional diversity.”
Sensory Logic had done facial analysis of some of the Potential GOP 2012 Presidential contenders.

Here is Mitt Romney: (click on image to make larger)

If you follow the following links, you can see how some of the others measured up:

Michele Bachmann
Rick Santorum
Newt Gingrich
Buddy Roemer
Tim Pawlenty
Donald Trump
Ron Paul

The complete story is HERE.
The SCIENCE of the analysis can be found at Sensory Logic HERE.


James Taylor said...

This is pretty interesting! Thanks!

ConMan said...

90% of this science is BS!

Anonymous said...

I think there maybe something to this science:

Romney can channel steely resolve better than any other candidate.


kelly said...

They got Gingrich and Trump right as well.

Revolution 2012 said...

I suppose there is something to this.

The CIA and military use this science as well.