Friday, May 13, 2011

Mitt Romney responds to the WSJ Hit Piece

Mitt Romney responded today to the Wall Street Journal who published a HIT PIECE on his health Care efforts in Massachusetts.

Trying to figure out what their logic was in writing that piece on the day he was scheduled to give a major health care address BEFORE HE GAVE THE ADDRESS escapes me and and would probably require a smaller mind than mine to appreciate. The fact that They didn't HAVE THE COURTESY to wait and actually HEAR what Romney had to say in his address in Michigan, smells of shoddy or perhaps biased journalism.

Instead it seems, they wanted to beat the ANYBODY BUT ROMNEY cult to the press rather than holding off and actually critiquing Romney's plan to repeal Obamacare and turn health care needs back over to states.

At any rate, before I blow a gasket, here is Romney's Response:
I was not surprised to read yet another editorial in the Journal yesterday criticizing the health-care reforms we enacted in Massachusetts ("Obama's Running Mate," May 12). I was, however, not expecting the distortions of what we accomplished. Let me deal with some of them.
One, the editorial asserts that people in Massachusetts who wouldn't buy coverage, even though they could afford it, was not a major fiscal problem. But as a state we were spending almost $1 billion on free care for the uninsured. What we did was convert that money into premium support for those who needed help buying a policy, and require those uninsured who could afford to buy coverage to take personal responsibility for their own health care. Two, while it's true that insurance premiums in Massachusetts are among the highest in the nation, that was also the case before reform. A truer statement would be that getting everyone insured is not by itself enough to bring down the costs of health care. And finally, it is simply wrong to say that state spending on health care in Massachusetts has skyrocketed. The cost of the health-care plan to the state budget is "relatively modest" and well within projections, according to the independent Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation. They conclude that the new state spending on reform has amounted to less than 1% of the state budget each year.
While I have had my disagreements with the Journal's editorial board, where we find common ground is on the need to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with reforms that empower states to craft their own solutions. A one-size-fits-all plan that raises taxes and ignores the very real differences between states is the wrong course for our nation.
Mitt Romney

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Anonymous said...


You should have written Romney's response. He needs to get PISSED!

Maybe he could ask them why they thought he was a great candidate in 08, and not now. What has HE DONE since then that's changed their opinion.