Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mike Huckabee to take Glenn Beck's Spot?

This subject came up in today's Right Speak Chat box. After reading those comments, it made sense.

Here we have Huckabee going on the TV circuit the last few days playing up his big announcement tonight. I thought to myself, If he's announcing a run tonight, then that's pretty slimy of Fox for letting him make a major political announcement on HIS SHOW on THEIR NETWORK.

Perhaps instead this is a big announcement of some other magnitude?

We have Glen Beck leaving his time slot very shortly. JUST IN TIME, for the upcoming Presidential primaries and general election races. WHO BETTER to fill that nightly slot and talk about the day-to-day campaign news and issues than Mike Huckabee?

It would be a WIN WIN for both Fox and Huckabee.

Only time will tell. I'll fall for the hype now.

STAY TUNED tonight on Fox!


PolticalJunkie2008 said...

Giving Huckabee Glenn's time slot would be quite a slap in the face to Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck dislikes Mike Huckabee more than almost any other republican out there.

BOSMAN said...

Hi PJ,

That's the beauty of it. It would be like Huckabee to work for this behind the scenes to get back at Beck.

BOSMAN said...

He'll hope for a GOP loss in 2012. In the mean time he'll have 4 years to brainwash his viewers in prep for 2016!

ellie said...

Good thinking, Bosman. But I was unaware that Beck and hickabee disliked one another. I don't watch either show, so I guess I was out of the loop on that one.

Machtyn said...

@ellie: Huckabee talks out of one side while his heart is in another. He may say he respects Mormons, but his actions prove otherwise.

In any case, as a full supporter of Mitt Romney, I am fully aware of FoxNews' dislike of Romney. I'm sure they want to keep their ratings up and they've increased viewership when the Democrats are in power. (Must hold back from a FoxNews rant. Sadly, there is no real unbiased news on television.)

Revolution 2012 said...

I don't know Bos.

If he's not running, this is a real and unnecessary ordeal to put his supporters through.