Thursday, May 5, 2011

LIVE FEED: Fox News 2012 GOP Presidential Debate from SC

If you missed the live event, I have the complete VIDEO HERE.

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Pablo said...

From the thirty minutes that I saw of the debate: Gary Johnson lost big time. Rick Santorum looked like he was constipated and he tried to toot his own horn a bit too much. Herman Cain is a dynamic speaker and that is 70 percent of running for President. Still, Pawlenty was the only serious candidate on stage.

Ron Paul gave a great answer as to why social conservatives should vote for him.

Anonymous said...

I thought Cain did very well for an unknown. I did not know he supported Romney in 08, at least he recognizes how useful Romneys business background would be. I also noticed another Romney 08 supporter in the crowd, south carolina governor nikki haley, although I wonder if she would still support him since he skipped out on the debate

Anonymous said...

I didn't see any of it, and it sounds like I didn't miss a thing.

I find it funny that over at race, Kavon, Matthew Miller, and others are talking about Huck being the only one who can bridge the populist/wonk divide. Apparently, they've all been drinking heavily.


Bill589 said...

Martha - I think you are absolutely right.

Bill589 said...

I noticed the TPM influence on politician talk.
IMO, cool.

More interesting to me, in the Luntz group of conservative voters, both the more and less conservative groups (redline & greenline) liked TP principles as far as I could see. Anything that helps our side be united is good.

They were the most united and most passionate Luntz group I've seen. Frank even commented.

The Left wants us weak - divided, against each other. The Luntz group appeared united on all the important points and to have no interest in relatively trivial side arguments. Good for us.

They want Obama and his Big, Encroaching Government gone. I see the united Left dividing, and the divided Right uniting. I hope I see right. United we win.