Thursday, May 5, 2011

DEMpublicans give Obama a bounce in the latest Gallup Poll

I'm beginning to wonder if a large percentage of Republicans are no more than DEMpublican trolls.

Now I expected President Obama to get some type of a bounce after the turd bag (Osama Bin Laden) was killed. But the following Gallup Poll numbers I find most disturbing:

So his job approval according to 12% more Republicans (21% total) has improved in their eyes. Pray tell how?

Now I agree that a current President should get some credit when a military operation is successful. Even when some evidence may point that the President was more of a hindrance than an asset to the mission. Now are these 12% giving him a pass on everything else he's screwed up?

What are these Republicans thinking?


Bill589 said...

I’m a Palinista, so I don’t believe any recent polls are accurate anyway. This is more evidence, as if Trump doing well in polls wasn’t enough.

BOSMAN said...

Unfortunately, it appears Republicans have their fair share of kool-aid sippers.

Anonymous said...

I think many people have been looking for SOMETHING to say nice about the President. It is easy to say something nice about this decision. I think this won't last beyond the "pat on the back" stage.