Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jon Huntsman Defends Tenure in Obama Administration (VIDEO)

Republican Jon Huntsman, weighing a White House bid, used his first formal event after stepping down as President Obama’s ambassador to China to confront the line on his resume that conservatives were most likely to declare a deal-breaker.
In a high-profile speech at the University of South Carolina in Columbia yesterday, the former Utah governor said patriotism should trump partisanship and defended his two years in Beijing as the Democratic administration’s top diplomat.
The full story is HERE.

If you would like to view Huntsman's speech, do the following:

1. RIGHT CLICK the USC title bar below and choose, "Open link in New Tab,

2. Once there is a New Tab, Click the photo below and a "Launch Application" WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER will open. Click "OK". Fast forward to the 50:00 minute mark:

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bob said...

He's not even popular in his home state when matched against Romney. How does he ignore that fact and expect to win the GOP nomination?

hamaca said...

His home state is not all that important in the election.

tim said...

Your popularity is in the single digits in your home state and that's not important?

Don't they know you best?

GetReal said...

What state has he got solid numbers in that IS important?

He's either playing spoiler/stalking horse or setting himself up for next time, probably both.

hamaca said...

His popularity in his home state was in the 80s when he left office. My point was that Utah is not Iowa/Nevada/SC/NH nor is it populous like CA/NY/PA/FL, etc.

The fact that Mitt greatly out polls Huntsman does mean that Huntsman is looked upon poorly by Utahns, just that Mitt is considered that much more ready for the Presidency. Huntsman is just starting out. Mitt has been in the picture much longer.

ellie said...

We in Utah like huntsman - but not for president this go-round. He needs to get the Obama stink off him, and get a few of his personal issues ironed out.

you might want to read this, to get a 'feel' of what Utah might be thinking.

Now, if his DAD was running - that would be different!! And did you know that Mitt and Jon are distant cousins? Just a little triva.