Friday, May 6, 2011

Jim DeMint, Flip Flopping Coward

Jim DeMint, January 2007.
"[Romney] has demonstrated, when he stepped into government in a very difficult state, that he could work in a difficult partisan environment, take some good conservative ideas, like private health insurance, and apply them to the need to have everyone insured," DeMint said. "Those kind of ideas show an ability to bring people together that we haven't seen in national politics for a while. We don't need the nation to be more polarized."

Then in February of that year DeMint explained on Fox News that Romney should do for America what he had done for Massachusetts with health care: "Well, that's something that I think we should do for the whole country."
Jim DeMint, May 2011.
"I got involved with him before that," DeMint explained, "and the concept that was presented to me was the idea of moving people from government plans to private plans. That's what the goal was. That's how my conversations went, and that's how it was presented. But the way it ended up…" he paused to think about about this. "I cannot accept all the mandates, all the government exchanges. And it hasn't worked. I think the goal of figuring out how you can move people from government policies to private insurance policies is a good goal. That's one of the things that attracted me to what he was trying to do. Frankly, with the Democratic legislature in control there, I just think the way it ended up, we wouldn't want it in our state or our country."
Most of the Tea Partiers who support Jim DeMint probably don't know or don't care about the many inconsistencies of DeMint. As long as he fights and says things that they like to hear, he will remain a hero. And since DeMint has put all of his cards on playing a leading role in the Tea Party circus, he can't afford to let past beliefs get in his way. In fact, I would venture to say that DeMint has very little problem with individual mandates. He didn't in 2007. It's just that he is a coward that must get his cues from a cadre of pundits whose economic fortunes depend on opposition to anything that resembles an Obama policy.

DeMint is quite possibly the most worthless Senator in the entire Senate. Can anyone think of one serious piece of legislation that DeMint has helped to pass? He is a warm body with a pulse who presents an obstacle for governance-minded Republicans. Since the Tea Party has introduced to us the idea of primarying RINOS, I suggest that it is high time that those of us who are still sane demand that DeMint meet that same fate and be replaced with somebody who is competent enough to do his job.


Jonathan said...

Ah Senator DeMint. Truly a worthless waste of a Senate seat. All he does is complain; about what the Senate is doing, about Minority Leader McConnell, about RINO's, about pretty much everything. Yet he himself has done nothing with the trust that the people of South Carolina have given him.

BOSMAN said...


You know I'm a staunch Romney fan. All I can say about DeMint is, before everyone condemns him, LET THIS THING PLAY OUT!

DeMint on Mitt Romney


Closer To Home said...

There were a lot of conservative leaders/people that supported what Romney did in MA before the mobs declared it to be uncool. Now, they cower in fear. Doesn't say much for leadership, or character.

J said...

Here is a list of conservatives who have supported RomneyCare:

They're all opposed to RomneyCare now because of they want to be "cool" with political pundits and the public rather than being consistent with their positions.

Right Wingnut said...


You have a point, but it still spells trouble for Mitt. Fair or unfair, many in the party do not want to be put in a position of having to defend RomneyCare.