Friday, May 20, 2011

I Guess Mitt Romney's the guy to beat in South Carolina

The new political group co-founded last month by two former aides to President Obama is unleashing its first television broadside against Republicans today, attacking former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts on health care and needling former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in the process.

Officials with the group, Priorities USA Action, said the advertisement was designed to coincide with Mr. Romney’s planned campaign-style visit to South Carolina this weekend, and will run on local stations there. Bill Burton, a co-founder of the group and a former White House deputy press secretary for Mr. Obama, declined to say how much the group was spending on the spot but said, “If you’re in South Carolina while Mitt Romney is in South Carolina and you watch the news you’re going to see this ad.”
The full story is here.

I found this other ad on their site as well:

I loved the Romney segment in this second video. Romney stating he would favor Supreme Court Justices like Thomas and Scalia. I think I just saw Romney's poll numbers jump up a few more points.


TexasConservative said...

I tried doing some research on this group. Looks like they started this website way back in 1998.

Wonder who started it up?

Dave said...

The purveyors of this ad know a LOT about purveying "fear and smear."

Not so much about detecting it.

Autisticwonder said...

Hey, FAKE birth certificate, FALSE story about Osama Bin Laden..when this hits the fan..I'll push to IMPEACH the president. Wish we could have with Bush..They are pushing for WWIII..These ads make us look good really!..