Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chris Christie for 2012....Really?

Let me start by saying I like Chris Christie. I think his head and heart are in the right places politically and he potentially has a great political future ahead of him. My headline goes more to the people who keep pushing him as the 2012 GOP Presidential nominee, as if he is a great and proven saviour.

True, he says all the right things at town halls, to make Tea Partiers and arm chair Talk Radio hosts heads swoon. But the last time I looked, I couldn't find anything substantial the Governor of NJ has so far achieved. See for yourself, just Google it. Let's face facts, he still has a lot of work in own backyard to complete.

Thankfully, Chrisite seems grounded enough to understand his position and has repeatedly stated he is not interested in running. Marco Rubio, the newly minted Senator from Florida is another rising GOP star, who people seem insistent upon pushing higher, well before their time. Again, thanks to Sen. Rubio for displaying a maturity beyond his years, by downplaying such talk.

Actually I believe this is all due to the final stages of the very earliest and unseen primaries, which have been taking place. The "Pundit Primary" occurs in the 12 -18 months prior to the real campaign's beginning. It's during this time, editorial writers, talk show hosts, TV commentators and an abundant assortment of bloggers, try to figure out the field and be the first to call the eventual front runner. They also seem to suffer from an insatiable, instant gratification syndrome. They hunger endlessly to have the latest, newest and most beguiling personality be considered for the highest office, even if the resume has lowest experience.

Evidently there are far too many people, far too impatient to get this 2012 race started.

Leads to the craziest talk.


Right Wingnut said...

The GOP establishment wants Christy, Daniels, or Jeb Bush. They've reached a new level of desperation, it seems. What don't they see in Mitt?

bob said...

Spot on Doug.

I like Christie as well, The problem is, he has started several projects (going after Unions, etc)that have gotten lots of publicity and very little results as of now.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Mitt is not a Washington insider, those guys, except Christie, are.

I think it more has to do with the political "sugar rush" a Christie or a Rubio or a Palin in her hey-day offered.

The GOP today has no articulate message, so grab the newest, flashiest thing and ride it.

They dithered on HC for yrs and now we have Obama Care. They waffled on spending and now we face financial ruin.

bob said...

I think also there is a movement by the media to waterdown the Republican primary as much as posible. Hoping that somehow a weeker opponent for Obama gains momentum.

It's become for them, Anybody but Romney, Palin, or Huckabee.

BOSMAN said...

Both Christie & Rubio are smart enough to see the writing on the wall.

I've said this before that in 2012, Youth & inexperience will be the last thing voters want OR NEED!

Bill589 said...

Christie is not very conservative, so many in the TPM don’t like him.

Anonymous said...

Doug, this is an article I completely agree with. The other day I wrote, on another site, that Christie has not accomplished much in his first year in office. His two main campaign promises have practically gone untouched. As bob previously stated, Christie flirts with a lot of issues and policies and he makes these really neat youtube videos showing him being rude to lots of his constituents at these self-aggrandizing townhall meetings, yet there has been little movement on actual policy. Sure, he signs some stuff and bangs his chest but in the process...accomplishes little.


Revolution 2012 said...

Christie's and Rubio's time will come.
Not in 2012.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Doug, this is an article I completely agree with. - JR

I will remember this day! :)