Thursday, April 14, 2011

To Be Fair

I feel somewhat bad about poking fun of what was probably some decent person's attempt at making a music video for Huckabee. So I will remind everyone of this...


DanL said...

For a normal person that would be a humiliating moment. I would much prefer getting caught laughing milk out of my nose than that moment of extreme pandering.

But maybe Ellie can come along and tell us how that video makes her heart flutter. Put the bling on Ellie!

Anonymous said...

This hurts, Pablo.


Anonymous said...

Romney's right, who did let those dogs out?

Ellie said...

Truly funny!
And I'm sure each time Mitt Romney sees this, he winces a little! But, he can and does laugh at himself! (and so can we!)

Anonymous said...

Will somebody please let me out...of this cage that's attached to the roof of Master Romney's car?

Mitt Romney's Dog

In The Know said...

The true story:

First, the dog loved traveling in that cage. with wind deflectors and all, that Romney customised himself.

The dog on this particular day had a bad case of diarrhea. The kids noticed something dripping down the windows.

Romney calmly pulled into a gas station, and asked the owner if he could use his water hose.

While Ann and the kids walked the dog, he hosed off the you know what and cleaned the cage.

The kids and Ann got back in the wagon. The Dog went back into the cage that he loved, and they went on their way.

Anonymous said...

I guess you could say, Romney doesn't mind getting his hands dirty.

Revolution 2010 said...

From What I've read on this, Romney had 2 other options:

1. leave the dog at home.
2. put one of the kids on the roof.

Anonymous said...

Who'll let me out...of the cage that's attached to the roof of Mitt's car...who, who who?

Mitt's Dog