Friday, April 8, 2011

Shutting Down The Government Over Five One-Thousandths Of The Budget

So we are down to pocket change.
Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill say they are about $5 billion apart in their haggling to reach a deal to fund the federal government for the rest of the year.

That amounts to one-half of 1 percent of the trillion dollars in spending Congress doles out each year. 

Five one-thousandths.
Actually, that is a generous way of putting it. Total estimated expenditures of the federal government for fiscal year 2011 has been over $3.5 trillion (subject to continuous change). That author here is only referring to discretionary spending. Our deficit for this year is estimated to be over $1.5 trillion. So we are talking about about cuts that are less than five one-thousandths of the current deficit.

Some might say that every little bit helps. But this number is so small that it really doesn't help. It's like bending over and picking up a penny on the way to work. What's the point?

The no compromise crowd wants a show. They want to fight battles where no battles exist. The rest of us want a compromise here so that we can move the conversation to parts of the budget that really matter. 

Let's stop the games. Paul Ryan's plan is waiting discussion.

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Anonymous said...

But it's the 'principle' Pablo! Tell that to those that will lose business and paychecks.

BOSMAN said...

"The Greatest Show On Earth!

OhioJOE said...

If that number is not a big deal then why do not the Dems just vote for it and pass it?