Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PPP Polling: Trump Highly unpopular in Swing States

Trump is completely toxic to independent voters. His favorability with them in Nevada is 35/57, in Iowa it's 29/58, in New Hampshire it's 23/63, and in North Carolina it's 28/61. His recent antics have ingratiated him to a meaningful chunk of the far right Republican base, but he's completely turned off the folks in the center whose votes often determine who comes out on top in Presidential contests......

......If Trump's goal was to get a lot of attention this month he's certainly succeeded. If his goal is really to get elected President it was an utter failure.
Favorable/Unfavorable: (Republicans)

New Hampshire 46/40
Iowa 41/40
North Carolina 45/42
Nevada 51/37

Favorable/Unfavorable: (Independents)

New Hampshire 23/63
Iowa 29/58
North Carolina 28/61
Nevada 35/57
To put Trump's numbers into some context he is less popular than Sarah Palin in all four of these states....
The full story is here.


kelly said...

You don't hear the media talking about this information.

ConMan said...

In 3 weeks, We will be saying, Donald who?