Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Did Fox News deliberately deflate Donald Trumps negative poll numbers?

In the following segment, Fox quotes the results of Republican voters only as the results of ALL VOTERS:

For example, they said that Trumps negatives were only that 46% of Americans would not vote for him. Those numbers were only for Republicans.

REALITY: Trumps negatives are MUCH LARGER according to this poll. they should have said, that 64% of Americans said they would DEFINITELY NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP.

Mistake? Who knows. Looking out for their Monday Morning contributor? Who Knows. Some will argue that they deflated everyone's negatives in this segment. That may be true. HOWEVER, The segment was emphasizing Donald Trump and not the other candidates.

The complete story is HERE.
The poll with the correct graph, I posted the other day HERE.

Side note: Listen to Morris say, "THE VAST MAJORITY SAY TRUMP" not Romney is the best to deal with economic issues. I have NO IDEA what Morris is talking about. Where is he getting those numbers? 1 Poll? Any Poll? Again, IMHO, It looks like Fox might have found a NEW DARLING.

 We Report, You Decide.
Now where have I heard that before?


tim said...

It sure looks that way.

As to Morris making up statistics, What else is new.

Anonymous said...

ok...what a hypocrite morris is!!!! not mentioning that trump backs the obamacare! but sticking in the plug of mass. health care with mitt! oh...and when he says that trump will bring in different people to the republican party he gets a tingle up his leg? but yet when mitt says we need to expand the "tent" to all conservatives, morris goes insane! wow! i am really beginning to see just as much hypocricy on the right as the left!

Revolution 2010 said...

I've noticed that Fox keeps playing up Trump.

They make a big issue out of the few polls he does well in and hardly ever mention those where he is lost in the pack. And if this is an example of the latter, then their fair coverage of him is a joke

Tracey said...

This is a real kicker- Why would Palin/Huck supporters beat up Mass Care and then fall all over Trump who supports Universal Health Care?

Any body but Romney- FOX has consistently undermined Mitt Romney.

FOX was not fair and balanced when it came to Romney in 2008 and I am not expecting they will be in 2012.

Anonymous said...

It's nice that more and more republicans are waking up to the douchery that is Fox.

hamaca said...

Does Trump own shares of News Corporation?

kelly said...

I just heard O'Reilly use the same WRONG POLL info.

He was discussing Trump with The weasel (Dick Morris) and said that 46% of Americans won;t vote for him. Thats Republicans. It's 64% of ALL voters that said they wouldn't vote for him.

Now even O'Reilly is passing along mis-information.

ConMan said...

"Does Trump own shares of News Corporation?"

I doubt it. I don't believe Murdock would have anything to do with that loser.

BOSMAN said...


I heard O'Reilly quote the data wrong as well.

Which leads me to believe it is DELIBERATE on the part of Fox.