Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mike Huckabee: Lower tuition for illegal immigrants

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee said Tuesday he supports a proposed policy to allow undocumented immigrants to pay a lower in-county tuition rate in Iowa.

A controversial County College of Morris policy allowing illegal immigrants to enroll and pay the lower, in-county tuition rate received the support for the potential presidential candidate Tuesday night
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Anonymous said...

I've argue for earned amnesty for those already here, and still want it. But this is a Huck too far.

Anonymous said...

Huckabee is a liberal. Plain facts allow one to arrive at this conclusion.

He is a Southern Baptist, not an Evangelical. And Southern Baptists tend to be more keen on Social Justice.

- Sam from MA

Matt "MWS" said...

I agree with Huck, and have defended him on this before. If reduced tuition is a good ROI for the community or state, the it works for the children of illegals too. This isn't welfare, it's an investment in making these people producers, instead of liabilities.

CraigS said...

Reduced tuition for undocumented immigrants ? Higher tuition for native born Americans? What is wrong with this picture ? The parents of legal students are subsidizing the tuition of illegals ?


Matt "MWS" said...


No, it's not especially low tuition for illegals, as if being illegal gets them a special grant to reward them for being illegal. It's a matter of treating them the same as the legal residents of the same area for the purposes of tuition.

Second Grade Math said...

If they get the same break as residents, The tax payers are making up the difference. That's money lost.

Archeantus said...


So, an American citizen from the neighboring county can't qualify for the tuition discount, but an illegal alien from a foreign nation can. And you think that is a great idea?

Ann said...

This doesn't seem right.

If someone is illegal. How could you be in favor of granting them an unnecessary benefit?

BOSMAN said...