Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mark Levin Destroys Donald Trump; Update: Levin Continues his Rant on Facebook

Mark Levin spent the better part of an hour eviscerating Donald Trump. Needless to say, he's not a fan. The following is a partial clip. Great stuff!


Look how Chump operates. Caught red-handed now with his vicious attacks on George Bush, who most conservatives had issues with, he now says but for Bush there would have likely been no Obama. That may well be true. I have been a harsh critic of Bush's spending, including in my book. But Chump was calling Bush EVIL and demanded his IMPEACHMENT because of the Iraq war and in the middle of that war. He said Bush lied to get us into Iraq. His comments were vile and outrageous, not unlike the America-hating leftists who sought to undermine our armed forces there. Now he wants us to believe that his criticism of Bush was because Bush's poor record set the stage for Obama? Chump attacked Bush over Iraq because if you were a big-mouth, attention-seeking liberal, it was the thing to do. He had no altruistic or principled conservative motive for doing so at the time and expressed none.

As recently as last year, while conservatives and Tea Party activists were organizing and rallying against Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their radical agenda, Chump was helping to fund some of our opponents. He contributed to left-wing, Tea Party-hating menaces like Chuck Schumer, Anthony Weiner, and Harry Reid. What about his contributions to Charlie Crist, while Crist was running against Marco Rubio? Did he donate to any of the Tea Party candidates? Did he contribute to the Tea Party movement in any way, with time or money, before today? Why not?

Chump also praised Nancy Pelosi. He thought she was great. I played the audio. I guess he was just mistaken, again. He supported universal health care, but not any more, of course. He supported abortion and gay marriage, but that was then, this is now. He supported John Kerry for president in 2004, but that's because Bush was so evil. He leaned on government officials to use eminent domain against a little old lady whose home happened to be in the way of a parking lot he wanted to build for one of his casinos in Atlantic City, but he has always been for private property rights.

So now Chump rails against China and demands Obama's birth certificate and we are supposed to swoon over the man. But when asked about the Ryan budget, he turns stupid again -- he says Ryan should not take the lead on this, we need a bipartisan consensus to move forward? And with whom do we build this bipartisan consensus? Reid? Obama? Is Chump really this dumb, or is he, once again, trying to figure out which way the wind is blowing?

Chump is a phony and dissembling. He called a hastily organized press event this morning because I, and others, are on to him.

Today he is speaking at a local Tea Party rally. And why? Because now he wants our support, not because he supports us or our principles, or ever did. Chump is about Chump. And he thinks we're too stupid to notice. Are we?


Pablo said...

First, Levin is right about Trump. I view Trump like I did Guiliani. Except that Trump is in a much worst position than Rudy was. There is no way that Trump wins the nomination. People just don't know anything about him.

Second, has Levin blasted Trump for his birther views? He didn't in this video.

Noelle said...

Trump has actually made it to last on my list of GOP presidential candidates. I don't trust him at all. I hope everybody comes to their senses and sends Trump a message, loud and strong - WE DON'T WANT YOU.

Right Wingnut said...


YES! He has been blasting him for weeks on the birther issue. This is just a small portion of what he said about Trump yesterday. The rant lasted for over an hour. It was fabulous.

Right Wingnut said...

Levin: "This birther issue gets us nowhere."

50 second video at the link...

Pablo said...


Has Levin ever categorically denied that Obama was not born in the United States? I am not asking if he just doesn't think it is a good idea to pursue. I want to know if he is willing to offend some of his viewers by saying that they are wrong in their belief that Obama wasn't born in the United states.

Right Wingnut said...

Pablo, I don't know. I don't listen to him often...just a few clips that are posted on The Right Scoop. I think it's clear from what I've heard, that he's not a birther.

By the way, we don't have indisputable evidence that he was born in Hawaii. Obama has spent $2 million of his own money to keep it pocked up. Why he is doing that is a mystery. Even Karl Rove said he doesn't understand why he doesn't just release the damn thing, and he is clearly NOT a birther.

BOSMAN said...


What is that link in your post suposed to do?

photo, video, audio?

If I knew, I could try and fix it.

Right Wingnut said...


The link is part of Levin's post. It looks exactly like that on Facebook.

Pablo said...

"By the way, we don't have indisputable evidence that he was born in Hawaii. Obama has spent $2 million of his own money to keep it pocked up. Why he is doing that is a mystery. Even Karl Rove said he doesn't understand why he doesn't just release the damn thing, and he is clearly NOT a birther."

Well, no he hasn't spent that kind of money.

And, yes, there is indisputable proof. A long form birth certificate, officials from Hawaii, newspaper clippings announcing his birth in Hawaii back when he was born.

Why doesn't Obama release the original birth certificate as opposed to the long form birth certificate? Well, there is no reason since they are both nearly the same thing. Second, it keeps the crazies speculating and makes Republicans look stupid.

Anonymous said...

Well, his mother was an American, so all the rest simply does not matter. Long past time to move on.


Anonymous said...

I am NOT a birther, Martha, but for a person to run for President, they must be born on American soil, which nearly took out John McCain, since he was born in Panama; the son of American military overseas. The judgment was made that John McCain, and the children of others serving the United States overseas are eligible to run for President. I, personally do not think that privelege should extend to someone like Ruth Ginsberg's granddaughter who was born in France, unless one or both of her parents were attached to service FOR THE US WHILE IN FRANCE. (Think military or embassies, CIA, something). Ruth Ginsberg's granddaughter is a citizen, but she should not be eligible to run for President. Too bad for her!

I don't think most Americans have the stomach to deny those who are serving their country the right for their children to run for President, but I do see many Americans refusing to allow citizens who choose to live overseas children that right.

Now, as far as this issue with Obama is concerned, it is now a moot point. He is President; I hope he soon will not be. I have no problem with states demanding proof of birth in the US for those who wish to have their names placed on the ballot for President. Indeed, I think they should require proof. Someone was saying that this could just be too difficult for some of these candidates. What? Normal people are required to produce their birth certificates in all kinds of situations; I just don't feel very sorry for those who are running for President. Prove you are eligible or sit down and shut up!


Anonymous said...

So loudmouth Levin continue his jealous moronic rant against Trump. But just who does Levin support? But the current crop of GOP approved Seven Dwarfs. And when one of Levin’s approved Seven Dwarfs get nominated and then loses to Obama despite his reigning over the worst state of affairs America has seen in modern history. Let Obama win a second term. Then it is incumbent upon Levin’s listeners to tune out loudmouth Levin and tune in elsewhere. Anywhere else. Let the lamb who leads the flock to slaughter also be the first to face the butcher’s clever.

Anonymous said...

So Trump fails to meet the standard for the ideal “Republican/Conservative candidate”? And there’s no chance he could have reached a “John Galt” awareness. You former liberals like myself who have become conservatives are not allowed to do that. You can’t become a Republican. You once demonstrated against the Vietnam war and did everything you could possible do (like I did) to avoid the draft. How dare you start talking like a conservative. You just have to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We are not going to give you a chance to continue to speak out against Barack Odogma’s efforts to destroy the American way of life through lies and underhanded tactics. We have it on record that you gave in excess of $1 to a Democrat for God’s sake. Damn You!!! We prefer to stick to our luke warm/wimpy/shrill sounding candidates rather than give you the opportunity to continue to speak out and appear in debates to see how effective you are. After all, fair and balanced is over rated.