Saturday, April 16, 2011

LIVE FEED: Madison, WI Rally with Sarah Palin (Noon CT- 1PM EST)

Last-minute preparations are ongoing for two competing rallies set to be held in downtown Madison on Saturday, one slated to feature former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.
Crowds are expected as Saturday's events will be yet another showdown on Capitol Square after weeks of protests as both sides take over the state's capital city. And they'll be doing so as the downtown Farmers' Market begins for the season as well.
The full story is HERE.

LIVE FEED: The Rally coverage should begin 12:00 PM CT (1 PM EST)

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Anonymous said...

Everyone assumes she's not running. Maybe not, but she's been doing some things that make me think she still just might. She's cooled it on Facebook and Twitter. She's not as much of a publicity hound. She's not as reckless in her rhetoric.

Furthermore, she really does like to be the underdog, and she also--I believe--thinks her moment has come. She is the kind of person to put more faith in the 'open door' she feels God is leading her through, than polls.

I also believe that if she announced, she would immediately rise in the polls--at least in Iowa. She knows she would make a BIG SPLASH, and change the dynamics of the race completely.

I think she just might run for the heck of it, and I kind of hope she does.

But I don't know if the GOP can sustain THE DONALD, and THE 'CUDA in one race. 2 enormous egos. It just might do us in completely.


Right Wingnut said...

Thanks for posting. RAM has been dropping hints on C4P that something may be in the works for today's rally. Perhaps not, but it should be interesting nonetheless. Right into the belly of the liberal beast.

Right Wingnut said...

Martha, you and I don't agree on much, but I do agree with a lot of what you just said. She has nothing to lose by running. Not running would "hurt her brand" much more than if she gave it her best shot and came up short, IMO. Did Ronald Reagan "hurt his brand" when he lost in 1976?

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky

Anonymous said...

RW, I don't think she's afraid to lose at all. She'll be able to brush it off, the way she did when she resigned as gov. She will still be a huge media figure no matter what happens.

She has nothing to lose because this is really her one shot, and she knows it's a long one. So why the heck not run? She loves the limelight and would enjoy the campaign.

With all the problems the next president will face, I doubt she would even care too much if she loses. I say this because I really do not see that she has a burning desire to get in there and solve problems, but just wants to be part of the conversation.


zappo said...

Thanks for posting this.

Option 3 is working for me.

Right Wingnut said...

This one is better

BOSMAN said...

Thanks RWN!
I've embedded it.

Right Wingnut said...

20 million views on the CBS feed.

Anonymous said...

I suspect a good number of those 20 million were folks viewing the feed just to see what new craziness she would screech out this time, and she sure didn't disappoint... what a laughing stock!!! Bring it on, Sarah. Please, please, pretty please...declare your candidacy. We are begging you.

Anonymous said...


I just finished watching Sarah Palin's speech and once again she has proved the naysayers 15 minutes on a cold, snowy, spring day in Wisconsin, Sarah Palin delivered the speech of her career and quite possibly announced her plans to run for President of the United States.

If that speech was any indication of what the campaign trail holds for her...quite one can stop her. She will hit every green light on her way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and We the People will be much better for it.


anon said...

she's not running. BUT she will make folks like RWN and Billy think she is, so they send her cash.

Doug NYC GOP said...

We're here, we're clear!'

Sneaking in the "You Lie" line,

Trotting out the over used "...rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic" cliche.

These are the ingredients of a "speech of her career"?

Very generous grading. I could have used a few teachers like that back in school.

Seriously, the theme was good but Palin needs to develop better pacing and modulation of her voice. At times it seems as if she is rushing herself, which increases the shrill effect of her natuarally high pitched voice. Lower and slower would help her.

Anonymous said...

Doug, this was a rally speech which needs a different pacing and volume BUT if that was all you got...then I guess you are either impressed or a wee bit scared?


Right Wingnut said...

JR, A "rally speech" with a 20-30 mph wind. people want to hear what's being said.

When is Mitt going to speak at a tea party event?

Doug NYC GOP said...

"BUT if that was all you got...then I guess you are either impressed or a wee bit scared?" JR

My comments about her voice were more observational than critical. But as read by a Palin supporter, I can understand where it would be assumed to be the latter.

I understand it was a rally BUT rally speeches need to build in tempo and tone. This was a little all over the place in that regard. Not terrible, but not a career highlight either.

In terms of being either impressed or scared, I hate to disappoint you, but I am neither.

Not impressed with the delivery and the content was nothing she hasn't said before. Obama's bad for the USA and "we're" going to stop him.

I don't believe a speech like this does anything to broaden Palin's appeal, but rather, only serves to rekindle the fires of her base's loyalty and ferver.

As to being scared of Sarah Palin, (I assume in terms of running) I can't think of any reasons why I should be.

Anonymous said...

It's already being critiqued as her best speech since the '08 convention. I could sit here and write the various reasons as to why I disagree with you but lets be honest...I'd just be wasting my time on deaf ears.


BOSMAN said...


"When is Mitt going to speak at a tea party event?"

He did yesterday in Orlando, FL.

Right Wingnut said...


All I'm finding is his appearance at a fundraiser. I'm not saying he didn't speak at a tea party rally, but I didn't find anything on it. Maybe I didn't look hard enough...