Monday, April 25, 2011

The Great Escape: Afghanistan version

Taliban militants dug a more than 1,050-foot (320-meter) tunnel underground and into the main jail in Kandahar city and whisked out more than 450 prisoners, most of whom were Taliban fighters, officials and insurgents said Monday.

The massive overnight jailbreak in Afghanistan's second-largest city serves as a reminder of the Afghan government's continuing weakness in the south, despite an influx of international troops, funding and advisers. Kandahar city, in particular, has been a focus of the international effort to establish a strong Afghan government presence in former Taliban strongholds.
The full story is here.

British media is reporting that among those prisoners who escaped, The Taliban says more than 100 of their commanders were set free at the prison, in the city of Kandahar.

Can you imagine the outrage and tone of the news coverage if this had happened during G.W. Bush's watch?


BOSMAN said...

If this had been Bush, "STOP THE PRESSES!"

CNN would have had live feeds of the events over there.

larry said...

The problem is MORALE!

These guys put their lives on the line each day and they know they have a POTUS who doesn't have their back.

ConMan said...

I agree that this has gotten very little coverage. Even on Fox.