Friday, April 22, 2011

Donald Trump: Stop Paying that Mortgage

Bought a house that's value has gone down and the bank won't renegotiate the loan, Trump has the answer:

"Where there is a mortgage, you Stop Paying that Mortgage and go and negotiate a new mortgage with the bank. They don't want to see that house empty."

That's the advise the Trump gave last night 'On The Record' with Greta Van Susteren.

Fast forward to the 7:30 minute mark:

Is that one of his methods to boost the economy?
Perhaps Trump is speaking from experience?


CraigS said...

Hi Bos,
Trump's numbers not so hot in latest New Hampshire poll from Dartmouth Univ. this morning :

Romney 47 % Obama 39 %

Obama 45 % Huckabee 37 %
Obama 51 % Trump 29 %
Obama 47 % Paul 27 %
Obama 54 % Palin 27 %
Obama 41 % Pawlenty 25 %
Obama 42 % Barbour 23 %


Anonymous said...

Please, don't take the donalds advise! Almost everyday I go to homes that are in foreclosure, and hear the same thing: "The bank won't work with us." When I ask why they won't work with them, they say the same thing. Without an income, we can't pay even a lower rate.".

All Trumps advise will do, is put more homes on the market. If you can make that payment, make it. You signed on to it, keep the committment you made. If you can't pay it, try working with the bank first to find a workout. But don't stop paying thinking you'll be able to stay!

Noelle said...

Trump's experience, and therefore advise, comes from the experience of a multi-millionaire. Hardly in touch with the experiences of every day Americans. I'm sure if your name were Donald Trump, and your net worth were in the multi-millions, and you were famous, I'm sure the banks would work with you.

Anonymous said...

What a loser!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that in these times of high unemployment we're flirting with the idea of nominating a guy who made a punchline of firing people.

kelly said...

This man is a fool.

Can you imagine what would happen if his low IQ'ed supporters followed his suggestion?

Anonymous said...

Kelly, some will follow it, and will quickly find themselves living outside the trailer park, instead of inside.

BOSMAN said...

He really is LAUGHABLE.

I'm sure there are PAGES AND PAGES of his quotes that will come back and bite him on the arse if he decides to run.

mortgage leads online said...

It's so easy for Donald Trump to say that because any bank will negotiate and re-negotiate with him at any given day. Most banks won't even extend mortgage, how on earth does Trump think that it will be a viable option to sit down and talk about re-financing your home with your bank? I think he is delusional and only works his magic with in his own perfect world.