Friday, April 8, 2011

The D.C. Budget Battle: The Greatest Show On Earth

The name of the game in DC right now is:
  1. Saving Face
  2. Not do anything to screw up our parties chances in 2012.
As a result, you have a lot of posturing going on. Lot's of, Let's both sides make it look like it's a BIG DEAL to cut a minute fraction of the budget. Let's make it look like this fraction that we end up cutting was a big deal, even though it wasn't.

The Democrats want to be on record for not wanting to cut entitlements. The Republicans want to be on record for not wanting to cut defense.

Paul Ryan's Plan has a SNOW BALL'S CHANCE IN HELL of getting passed by the Senate. But at least the Republicans will be on record for being willing to make tough choices.

BOTTOM LINE: The Republican and Democratic base can now all blame the other side for any real lack of reform. When they do come to an agreement, the results will be, a lot of fuss over nothing

This CAN will be kicked down the road until either their is a Republican President and Senate, or Obama is re-elected.


sam said...

This is quite a theory.
I'm hoping you are wrong.

BOSMAN said...


Only time will tell!

larry said...

looks like you were right.