Friday, April 1, 2011

America's Newest Mormon Conservative Leader - Rush Limbaugh?

Rush Limbaugh confirmed today the rumor that he and his wife Catherine have been meeting with Mormon missionaries for the past few months and are seriously considering committing to the Utah based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Limbaugh was quite forthcoming in how his fascination with Mormonism began. “Over the years there have been a number of things about the Mormons that have really caught my attention.” Limbaugh stated.

“Mormons are the most conservative religious group in the United States, their support for President Bush, traditional marriage, the tea party, really earned them my respect.” Rush said.

“I also find that rejecting conventional wisdom leads to finding greater truth, and I think it would be hard to find a Christian faith that embodies that quite they way they do” he added.

When asked if his connections with other well known Mormons like Glenn Beck or Mitt Romney had any influence, Limbaugh downplayed their role in his spiritual search. “From what little time I’ve spend with Glenn and Mitt, I can tell they are great guys, but so are a lot of other non-Mormon conservatives. Plus, I don’t think anybody’s religion should be judged on the basis of members who are public figures. Nobody is a perfect example of the faith they aspire to live by.”

Limbaugh also make it clear that should he convert to Mormonism, he would not feel obligated to endorse a Mormon candidate. “You have to look at the whole package, what America needs is a strong conservative voice and religion shouldn’t be a factor. The media only brings it up in hopes of dividing Americans against each other even further.” He added.

When asked if he found anything surprising in Mormonism he admitted “I knew they were a conservative people, but I was really amazed at how their Book of Mormon has such a strong political, right wing message. American exceptionally, it’s there, limited government, that’s there too, even the Bush doctrine is in there in a way. I really didn’t expect things like that be doctrine to them.”

When asked if he would actually consider giving up ‘adult beverages’ and his beloved cigars to conform to the requirements Mormons must live Rush grew noticeably uneasy. “I’ve been trying e-cigarettes.” He said. “We’ll just have to see how things go.”

Limbaugh seemed unconcerned about there being a backlash from evangelical Christians, who don’t view Mormons as Christians. “A lot of the hostility aimed at Mormonism is a mirror of the hostility aimed at me for being an effective conservative voice. It’s the same kind of irrational hatred, the same kind of childish attacks. And I’ve never been one to back down on my beliefs. I’m content to let time prove me right as it always does, and I really think we are only talking a small minority that the media loves to play up.”

Backlash has already begun however. Mike Huckabee, who is considered by some to be largely responsible for the 2008 nomination going to McCain rather than Romney, responded to the rumor by saying “Rush should be forced, at gunpoint, to watch September Dawn and read every book ever written by the Tanners.’

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Anonymous said...

LOL.....that was awesome mormon and when i saw this, i was like YEAH RIGHT!!....April Fools!!!!!!!!!!!

Doug NYC GOP said...

Nice display of religious bigoty displayed on the Free Republic comment section for this story.

Anonymous said...

That was the best April Fool's day joke I've ever read on the internet. Before I had figured out that it was April Fools I was horrified at the public relations nightmare of having that lying, hating, womanizing, pervert join my church and how it would hurt the church's image. Then I thought of one good thing that could come of it. Church authorities should call Rush and Harry Reed to some calling where they have to spend several hours a day together. That would be priceless.

Anonymous said...

Yes Doug, the bigots came crawling out of the wood work over there at Free Republic in the comments on this article.

Anonymous said...

My head just about exploded when I read the title of this post. I kept thinking the "the end is coming, the end is coming". Then i remembered what day it was.

Anonymous said...

LOLOL.... TOO FUNNY! Of course, we'd welcome him into the fold, but he does understand he is allowed only 1 wife? LOL!

Noelle said...

I have been willing to believe that anti-Mormon sentiment was minimal in preventing Romney from winning the 2008 nomination, but after reading the comments in Free Republic I'm starting to think there is even more anti-Mormon feeling than I realized.

hamaca said...

This was excellent! It had me going too.

Despite some people trying to convince everyone that just because they don't engage in that, almost no one does, it's clear that that sort of mentality is out there in force. I've seen it and heard it too frequently to be convinced otherwise--and I'm not talking about just the low-level snarkiness. It's widespread even if not mainstream.

Right Wingnut said...

There are some knuckle graggers ar FR. However, I believe it's a small %. Some idiot was trying to get me banned the other day - saying I was a Romney supporter. I basically laughed and gave him a link to my RS posts. He checked it out, but he wasn't convinced. Whatever.

I disagree with the harsh treatment of Romney supporters on the site. That comes directly from the top through a few of his minions. I don't understand how we can have a legitimate debate about 2012 without including him in the discussion.

I post there, because it's a very high traffic site. It's also a quick source of a lot of information and articles.

Right Wingnut said...

"knuckle draggers"

Anonymous said...

Don't worry RW, I for one think your ok. I have actually been to FR long before I made your virtual acquaintance and had seen the anti mormon stuff on other threads.

Revolution 2010 said...

Very funny!

I have to admit though that as soon as I saw the headline, I thought April Fools.

Then I saw, "Read the full story here" and there was a moment of, "Huh".

Dave said...

Thanks for posting this. I certainly never would have seen it at FR. Not reading sites like FR, Hot Air, or Red State is a matter of mental health security for me.

BOSMAN said...

Great Post RWN!

I forgot all about Fools day. Glad you remembered.

Joseph said...

I didn't know that adult beverages and cigars are part of the requirements, and he should give up on these vices. I hope he can deal with them.

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