Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tim Pawlenty: doing "Southern Man" (move over Neil Young?)

On a trip to Iowa last week, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty attracted attention not for his policy positions, but for the way he was speaking. Many people thought they heard him using a southern accent.
Back in Pawlenty's home state of Minnesota, an MPR News listener said when he heard a report on the Pawlenty speech on the radio, he couldn't believe who it was.
"I didn't understand where the accent came from," said Mike Supina, a St. Paul architect. "He sounded like he was from Arkansas." 
 The full story is HERE.

Before you listen to TPaw, you should play Neil Young's song "Southern Man" in the background to help create a more ARTIFICIAL atmosphere:

Here is TPaw's version of "Southern Man":

If the above audio doesn't work, go HERE.

I like Neil Young's version better!


Anonymous said...

Bosman, thanks for putting this up, I was hoping you would! Sooo funny--and pathetic.


Anonymous said...

Pawlenty is rapidly falling off my list of candidates that I would vote for.

Anonymous said...

Is Pawlenty from Southern Minnesota? Maybe that would explain it? :)


Anonymous said...

The Great FAKE!

Anonymous said...

I think he's been listening to the old Fred Thompson campaign tapes.

A lot of good it did him!


Revolution 2010 said...

I like Neil young's version better as well.

Pawlenty's is to BORING and ARTIFICIAL.

OhioJOE said...

It must be a slow news day if people are worried about Mr. Pawlenty's accent. No offense, but if I had a Minnesooooootan accent, I'd change my accent too.

Bill589 said...

Desperation. Last week he dissed Palin to try to get establishment people on his side. Phoney is even worse than boring.

Anonymous said...

YAWNplenty puts me to sleep.

His phony southern accent doesn't help matters.

BOSMAN said...

With that new SOUTHERN ACCENT, and Huckabee probably not running, If Pawlenty starts to pack on the weight, WATCH OUT!