Thursday, March 17, 2011

We Won Wisconsin - But The Fight Goes On

The latest video from Freedom Works:


Bill589 said...

The fight goes on - one step (state) at a time. And then DC. Walker is one of my new heroes.

Anonymous said...

Great video with an important message.

Granny T said...

Thank you for sharing that video. States with current or former Governors as potential 2012 Presidential candidates:
Alaska -$14.1 billion
Arkansas -$8.7 billion
Indiana -$33.9 billion
Massachusetts -$111.4 billion
Minnesota -$22.3 billion
Mississippi -$14.8 billion

Did I miss anyone?

From what I see "tax hike" Mike's Arkansas is doing the best so far and "mandate" Mitt's Massachusetts is doing the worst.

How do taxes in your state compare nationally? This convenient pocket-size booklet compares the 50 states on 32 different measures of taxing and spending, including individual and corporate income tax rates, business tax climates, excise taxes, tax burdens and state spending.

From the booklet's list of Tax Freedom Day for each of those states:
Alaska March 26 ranked #50
Arkansas April 3 ranked #38
Indiana April 6 ranked #29
Massachusetts April 14 ranked #6
Minnesota April 13 ranked #8
Mississippi March 28 ranked #48

In the rankings the lower the number the higher the taxes. There's a lot more available in the booklet linked above.

Arkansans owe the least and are taxed near the least, too. Maybe Tax Hike Mike doesn't look quite as bad as some people seem to think!