Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Romney's Documented Reversal on Massachusetts Health Care Costs

On more than one occasion, I've heard the argument from Romney and his supporters that health care cost containment was never an objective in Massachusetts. Hopefully, this will put that fairy tale to rest.

Mitt Romney (Oct, 27th, 2009):
“We were unable to deal with — and didn’t have any pretense we would somehow be able to change — health care costs in Massachusetts”
Mitt Romney (April, 2006):
“Every uninsured citizen in Massachusetts will soon have affordable health insurance and the costs of health care will be reduced.”
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Anonymous said...

Yes, of course you posted this. Stand by, I'm pretty darn sure I can find some MAJOR flippers by the queen of quits herself!.

Doug NYC GOP said...

MassCare Myth Busters

Happy reading.....

Closer To Home said...

One of the biggest downsides to Obamacare is that it will destroy or seriously damage the private aspects of the health care system, including doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies, decreasing competition and individual choice.

An area that I think Romney does not do a good enough job in differentiating Obamacare from the MassCare system he left is the impact of the private side. Masscare has NOT led to a decrease in doctors or "patient per physician" ratio. It has not led to a decrease in hospitals or "hospital beds per patient." It has not led to a material reduction in private insurance companies or insurance products being offered for purchase in MA. In fact, the information I saw showed an increase in the number of insurance products offered.

This is what Romney meant when he said his program preserved the free market system in MA.

OhioJOE said...

Another great post RW. It is fun to watch the Romneyites do summersalts defending road blocks to the free market system. Pass the popcorn and let the fun begin.

Sam from MA said...

So Mitt Romney tried to cut costs. It didn't work. He admits the plan had its flaws, he admits that it didn't cut costs.


And at least he had the guts to try something. Remember, this was in 2006, WAY before Obamacare.

If Romneycare was a "template" for Obamacare, why did Obama not contact Mitt? Why did Obama realize that the plan wouldn't cut costs?

Doug NYC GOP said...


The anti-Romney folks are more interested in tossing around stale talking points than looking seriously at the issues.

They ignore facts in favor of rhetohic. They cling to the illusory dream some Conservative Fairy Queen will arrive, waver her magic wand and we'll all be living in a 1776 style Utopia.

Revolution 2010 said...

This is OLD NEWS and BS.

RWN, live in the present.

WHO CARES about the MA plan?
Romney is committed to repealing Obamacare, the plan that affects ALL OF US!

CraigS said...

Try and remember that unfunded liability from Reagan's 1986 EMTALA emergency room program was a serious cost to Massachusetts in 2006 that the health care plan eliminated by actually covering the costs. So, health care costs were reduced by several hundred million in this area alone. Something other states have noticeably failed to do even today


Right Wingnut said...

Rev, They're all comitted to repealing ObamaCare, but Mitt is the only one that enacted a similar plan. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I smell desperation in your posts, RW. Hehe.

Bill589 said...

I’m glad you’re back RW. Still, as much as I support Palin, I’d like to see more positive posts, and less anti-everyone else posts. Masscare is a hurdle Mitt will have to clear, but it is old news. A new angle, or a new approach to it, may be post-worthy, but not the same old same old.

Hey, Palin ‘quit’. . . Hey, Huck freed a criminal who then killed people. . . All well known hurdles - everybody seems to have some; tell us something we don’t know.

There are plenty of positive things to post about Sarah. She appears to be a ‘rock-star’ in India and Israel, and their leaders seem to like her, for instance.

Stay positive. I want Mitt and Huck to be politically strong when they endorse Sarah. ;)

GetReal said...

Well said, Bill...although I hope its Palin who will end up endorsing Romney ;)

BOSMAN said...

How many MA residents complaining about Romneycare here?


Add me to the group of MA residents NOT COMPLAINING!

Anonymous said...

OJ learn to spell, stop reading palin tweets...Rightnut your infatuation with mitt is evident, you and huck are on the same level.