Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The New York Times Played Games with Mike Huckabee's New Policy Book

The race for 2012 hasn't officially begun and the left is already playing games to help President Obama. Mike Huckabee's book was moved from the "hardcover nonfiction best-sellers list" to the "advice and how-to classification" where it placed number two on the list. Now why would Mike Huckabee's A Simple Government book not be placed on the same best seller list that his previous books had been on in the past? Dick Morris sat down with Bill O'Reilly and tossed about reasons for the game playing.

The key to why the shenanigans took place is that these conservative books will be moved from the front of the store-the prime marketing location-to the back of the store where the how to/cookbooks are stashed away. Would you be looking for Mike Huckabee's new book in the back of the store when last time it was with all the best sellers? Neither Dick Morris's book nor Mike Huckabee's book is a "how to" book. Unless, like Dick Morris said in the video, that people want to know "How To Defeat President Obama."

So why is the New York Times trying to hide away Mike Huckabee's successful policy book away? Could it be because those close to the White House fear Mike Huckabee winning the Republican nomination and winning the White House? Rick Klein of ABC 'World News' expressed this in his interview with Greta VanSustern-Someone who can scramble the electoral map, make a different appeal than a typical Republican. Well, Mike Huckabee's new policy book clearly makes a different appeal. And Mike Allen of Politico reported that Obama advisors expect Obama to run against Huckabee. Well then I guess that is why the Times tried to kneecap Huckabee's book.

William Kelly of Big Journalism reported today that Mike Huckabee's book was moved back to the Best Seller List with A Simple Government coming in at number 5 on the list. Wasn't it convenient that his book was switched in the middle of his book tour? Will this have a negative impact on his book sales? William Kelly suggests that it was done "by those on the left to suppress and censor conservative political thought." But the NYT's flip flopped- "Spurred on by articles in Newsmax and the conservative blogosphere, news of the Times’ attempt to “cook the books” has spread. Last week, book-lovers everywhere began their revolt. With Times’ editors inundated with email complaints, conservative scored a partial victory this weekend when Huckabee’s “A Simple Government” was reclassified again on the hardcover non-fiction best-sellers list at #5." Unfortunately, Dick Morris's book has not been moved back as of yet. Perhaps a few more emails need to be sent.

But I agree with Dick Morris. Mike Huckabee's book is a "how to" book. Mike Huckabee lays out a clear plan for how to bring America back from the brink of economic/social/foreign policy destruction. Mike Huckabee does not attack Barack Obama personally in this book. But he does go after his policies and offers alternatives that all of America can get behind.

Check out this book review of 'A Simple Government' written by David Shedlock of Caffeinated Thoughts

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RockyTFS said...

Huckabee should stick to writing Christmas Stories.

Policy books are out of his league.

Revolution 2010 said...


I feel bad for Huckabee and THE OTHERS who were slighted on the best seller list.

Saying that, What does this story have to do with Huckabee being Presidential or trying to win people over to your side?

Anonymous said...

Stupid people and their political games!

That being said, Dick Morris plays his own. He is not a Romney fan, and refused to speak with Sean Hannity recently about Romney's chances in the election, if he should run. Talk about bias! Too bad Sean let him get away with it.


BOSMAN said...

Sorry TC,

I looked at Dick (The sleazeball) Morris's mug, and I couldn't push the play button.

How many times did he plug his book and/or website during the interview?

Anonymous said...

So what page was it again in his book does it say "indonesia?"