Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rand Paul mocks Newt Gingrick on Libya

Senator Rand Paul had some choice remarks towards Newt Gingrich last night at the Radio and Television Correspondents Association gathered for their annual dinner:

Gingrich is also hearing from comedians as well.

Here is video of the entire dinner:


larry said...

I don't like Rand Paul or Gingrich.

Paul didn't need to bring in the wives, that's family. He should have quit with Libya while he was ahead.

Pablo said...


Newt is trying to pass himself off as some type of Christian cultural warrior. I don't think that Paul was criticizing Newt's wives. He was criticizing Newt.

The Fox News joke was actually more clever and I can't wait to see the reaction from it.

Anonymous said...

"Paul didn't need to bring in the wives, that's family. "

Since when is "family" off-limits for family-values-preaching candidates?

BOSMAN said...

I agree with Larry on this.

He is a public figure. The Libyan comment was funny. The wives, poor taste.

The wives comments should be left for places like Right Speak and not the national arena.

John said...

Rand Paul is my second choice for President. I think it was just all good and fun. And Newt is pathetic.

ConMan said...

I don't know.

I think Gingrich deserves anything that comes his way.

Pablo said...


Paul was not making fun of Newt's wives. He was making fun of Newt. This is not one of those 'lay off the family' things.