Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stephen Colbert on The Libyan Turd Sandwich and Newt Gingrich

Stephen Colbert praised Newt Gingrich last night for being consistently against President Obama on Libya, even though that meant changing his own opinion.

Colbert first pointed to Gingrich's remarks on March 7 when he said the U.S. should immediately institute a no-fly over Libya and remove Muammar Qaddafi from power. "Do it, get it over with," Gingrich said at the time.
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larry said...

Gingrich got caught on that one. He's been trying to explain it now for the last week.

Anonymous said...

Very funny!


Ann said...

Gingrich is usually very careful about what he says.

Maybe a potential 2012 has him a little stressed out?

ConMan said...

Good skit.
Gingrich has NO CHANCE of winning the nomination.
I don't think he'll waste the money he's raised on a lost cause.

He'll find some way or loophole for spending it all on himself.