Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Obama fiddles while Rome burns

DanL has contended that he believes that President Obama cannot be defeated in 2012. After his atrocious display of leadership, if the voters of the United States return Obama to office in 2012, I will have lost all respect for them.

A couple of days ago I referenced a blog post which criticized Obama's leadership for being distracted by trivialities while the world is being confronted by both political and environmental crises. While the blog post was done in a humorous way, the same sentiment was expressed in this article.

From the article:

The Middle East is afire with rebellion, Japan is imploding from an earthquake, and the battle of the budget is on in the United States, but none of this seems to be deterring President Obama from a heavy schedule of childish distractions.

The newly installed tandem of White House Chief of Staff William Daley and Senior Adviser David Plouffe were supposed to impart a new sense of discipline and purpose to the White House. Instead, they are permitting him to showcase himself as a poorly focused leader who has his priorities backward.

My sincere hope is that the Republicans will unite and not allow childish bickering to prevent us from retaking the White House and right the ship. We need the strongest candidate to represent us, and while we may disagree with who that is, once we have a candidate we must unite to defeat Obama.

It is clear to me that Mitt Romney is the best prepared to lead this country at this time. His background in business has given him a superior understanding of the economy, and he will be able to correct our economic course. His success in turning around the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City has demonstrated an ability to manage and lead, not to mention his fiscal discipline. His success in balancing the budget in Massachusetts has prepared him to address the national budget deficit. Republicans may disagree with the Massachusetts health care reform, but the simple fact is that Mitt Romney was the first person to successfully pass health care legislation, and unlike Obama's health care reform, it was done after balancing the budget, it was created to meet the very specific needs in Massachusetts, it was done with nearly universal support (both bipartisan support, and support from nearly all special interests) in his state, and it was Constitutional. No other potential candidate has the ability to speak on health care with Romney's same degree of understanding. Even Republicans who don't and never will accept Romney's health care reform should understand that Romney, just like the rest of the other potential GOP candidates, are in favor of repealing the Obama federal health care reform. On that issue we are all together. Romney has also demonstrated that he is a worker. I think he is the hardest worker of all of the other GOP hopefuls. That might be the biggest difference between Romney and Obama. Obama's term thus far has been full of vacations and golf outings. You will never see Romney playing when there is work to be done.

Please excuse any imperfections in my writing. I wrote this while chasing my two toddlers around the house.


Revolution 2010 said...

EXCELLENT article Noelle.

There is no doubt that when it comes to a work ethic, Romney knows RULE NO. 1:

No time to play when there is work to be done.


Matt Y. said...

Please excuse any imperfections in my writing. I wrote this while chasing my two toddlers around the house.

Allow me to point out your mistake then. You wrote a long paragraph praising someone you called, "Mitt Romney." I was sure that was a mistake. I'm a patient man, however; you can correct yourself after you're done with your toddlers. :)

Matt Y. said...

(Just kidding. You must be good at multi-tasking).

Noelle said...

No Matt Y. I stand by the content. My writing style, however, could probably improve. :)

Bateman Aviation Group said...

Romney is a neocon. I'm just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Noelle, great post! I agree.

Like Dan, I also believe Obama is going to be very hard to beat, even though there are so many reasons--as the article pointed out--to let Obama go. In spite of all the missteps, he remains a popular and likable man.

Of course, in my heart, I believe/hope Romney will win. But my head tells me it's going to be real tough.


larry said...

If the Presidency was a job in the private sector, Obama would have been given his walking papers a long time ago.

ConMan said...

What it boils down to is PRIORITIES.
We know what Obama's are.

Doug NYC GOP said...


Nice job and I think this may be your first post, no?

Bosman is becoming the "Roger Ailes" of the blogosphere, corralling all this new talent!

Noelle said...

@Martha, Certainly it is difficult to defeat a sitting president. And Obama is likable. In order for a Republican to defeat him we need to unite behind the GOP candidate. I worry that supporters of some candidates have the attitude that if it isn't their guy they will go 3rd party or stay home. We need Romney because he is (by far) the best man for the job. If the Republicans will unite behind him, I think he can also gain the support of the independents and maybe even some conservative democrats. I don't think anybody else could beat Obama.

@Doug, this is actually my 2nd post.

OhioJOE said...

"I worry that supporters of some candidates have the attitude that if it isn't their guy they will go 3rd party or stay home." Going 3rd party might be the only way to send the GOP a message to get its act together. There CRs are a bunch of crap. With the exception of people like Mrs. Bachmann, the GOP congress has failed to defund ObamaCare. If the GOP does not want a Third party, it needs to grow up, show real leadership and defeat ObamaCare. Here is a clue: many Americans are not interesting is this continueing clowning around by the GOP.