Monday, March 7, 2011

The forces of evil

Well well, it appears I cannot turn my back away from this site for one second nowadays. I honestly didn't think any contributor here would fall so low as to write a ridiculing hit piece about another contributor, but seeing the way this site has trended lately, I guess I should have expected it.

DanL, this site's greatest thinker (and obviously, greatest comedian), was generous enough to spend time to refute my claim that the media in the United States represents a force of evil. His counterarguments... no wait a second.

Am I the only one who noticed a lack of actual arguing in that hit piece?

Humor can be a great tool when trying make a point, but an even greater tool when trying to cover up the fact that there is no point.

So what was I talking about in my post about Huckabee and the recent controversies? I simply said that the media created a controversy to scare Huckabee from entering. Yes, the comments were unthoughtful, but there are a lot of people out there (no, not in a conspiracy, just all with the same ideology and goals) who were more than willing to blow things out of proportion.

Is the media a force of evil? Well, let's frame the question this way: Is the fruit that comes from its tree good or not? That's how you decide, according to the bible. And, like Mike Huckabee (and Mitt Romney), I hold that book to be true.

While media in itself is not an evil, and no single journalist can be pointed out and judged as evil, the media seems to be getting worst by the day in everything they do - be it political reporting or otherwise. And they have an impact. They may say they only report what's happening, but that's not true. They have an impact, that can be either good or evil.

Taking all the media together; would anyone seriously argue that they are a good force in society? Any conservative, that is. Yes, we may have been worst off without any media, but that doesn't make them good.

I think that Mike Huckabee is a competitive guy who likes challenges - if you don't, you better stay out of presidential elections. When someone says he can't, he wants to prove that he can - if you have read his book Do the right thing, you will have read about how much he loved showing everyone he could do the impossible: Becoming competitive without an army of consultants, spin doctors and a private jet (the same factors which, according to some Romney supporters, will stop him from being competitive this time around... will they ever learn?).

This alone will never convince Huckabee to run, but it all factors in. You run for president because you believe something is wrong and you are the guy to fix it. If you are confronted with evil, you may be more inclined to step up and fight it, than if you aren't.

Romney isn't evil. He's a businessman, and he has continued to be a businessman in politics. I have an upcoming post about why a business background isn't necessarily ideal in politics, so I won't go into that now. I never implied that he was. But the media who are using shameful strategies to hurt christians and christian causes, they are evil.

Would they do this to another candidate? Maybe. It depends on who it was. The level of personal attacks against Huckabee however, has reached unprecendented levels (on this site as well). This is worst than it was during the whole Clemmons controversy a couple of years back. Just the nature of the attacks and the desperation of the people who write them (I'm looking at you, DanL) makes me think that they have resigned to the fact that Huckabee wants to run for president, and are now desperate to somehow scare him away. Before, they figured no-one could walk away from such a well-paying job - in order to do that, you must have a sense of duty and character, things that are unfamiliar to these people. They will have to learn the hard way what it means.

Palin supporters are going to claim the media does the same to her. Many attacks against her have been completely unfair, that is true. But unfortunately, she does and says enough idiotic things herself to disqualify her as a candidate - the media doesn't really have to spin what she says.

Personally, I think Huckabee's book made the difference. He really sounds like a candidate in it, and some journalists got desperate. So desperate that they try to portray it as if he has something against Natalie Portman, when the opposite is closer to the truth. And then the Rombots caught on.

But it won't work, of course. You could portray Huckabee is a cold-hearted fundamentalist birther, but he would still be able to go out to the people and show them that's not who he is. He connects with regular men and women more than any other candidate. He is one of them, and they know it. He never tries to appear perfect (contrary to other candidates who hire armies of consultants for that very purpose), and since people know he's not perfect, they can forgive him. Which I imagine must be extremely frustrating if you're cheering for another guy.

I think this latest storm has reminded Huckabee of just how big the evil forces of America are, and why he needs to step up and run. There is no better way of fighting back.

Sorry about the unstructured post. It's 3:30 AM where I live and I got a lot of other things to think about.

John Gustavsson


Huck4Turd said...

"....the media seems to be getting worst by the day in everything they do...."

Oh really?

Let's see, I'll be they began getting worse when they started to examine huckafat close up.

Then again, huck looks the same from all angles. Kind of like a bird dropping.

MauMau's4truth said...

When was the last time Huckabee saw his toes?

John said...

When was the last time any of you people looked in the mirror?

I would be ashamed of myself if I had to resort to attacking someone for being overweight as opposed to for his or her positions on the issues.

Right Wingnut said...


Was the shot at Palin really necessary to prove your point? I've had about enough of your jibberish.

Surgeon General said...

"When was the last time any of you people looked in the mirror?"

It was more recent than huckafat seeing his toes.

His weight is an issue. I don't want a Pres having a massive heart attack when things start getting tough.

300+ pound diabetic, NO THANKS!

Right Wingnut said...

Nobody has received more favorable media coverage than Huck until this past week. Even with his recent gaffes, Fox bascially gave him a pass. Palin would have been roasted by everyone except Hannity, Greta and Beck. Shepard Smith would have had a field day. They left wing media has been doing everything they can to coax Mike into the race. They would like nothing more than Obama to face a Baptist preacher with over 1000 pardons and commutaions to his credit.

Pablo said...


Just so you know. Huck fired the first shot. And the second shot. and the third shot. It is time for a response.

I would like to hear some answers from you personally.

1. Is Romneycare "socialized medicine"

2. Did Huck lie about his Kenyan remark?

3. Why is Huck sucking up to the birther/Obama as neocolonial crowd?

4. Why does Huck actively support dictators in the Middle East?

5. Why has Huck completely flip flopped on immigration, more particularly the Dream Act?

6. Why does Huck go out of his way to be civil towards Obama, yet he attacks Romney on a daily basis?

7. Do you think it is a wise thing for Huck to attack Natalie Portman?

8. What is Huck's solution to our health care problems? Just everyone needs to start eating healthy? What would he do as President?

9. Why is it when Huck supports regulations (ex. FLOTUS healthy eating drive) it is okay, but when Romney supports regulations it is socialism?

Two months ago I respected Huckabee. Now I don't know what to make of him.

Pablo said...

"You could portray Huckabee is a cold-hearted fundamentalist birther,"

Cold hearted = he supports the continuation of a 29 year old dictatorship in a country with 82 million people.

Birther = he plays the birther crowd without crossing over on their side. How do you explain his ridiculous comments about obama and Kenya?

Fundamentalist = see his knee jerk love fest with Netanyahu and Israel

Pablo said...

"The level of personal attacks against Huckabee however"

Yes, Huckabee never dishes out a personal attack. Never. SARC In case you don't remember he said that Romney has no soul. And in what sense does attacking a pregnant woman not constitute a personal attack? See Natalie Portman.

Anonymous said...

Great questions, Pablo. But you won't get any answers. These people have a blind spot for Huck that is truly unbelievable.

I think it has something to do with believing Huck can do no wrong because he was a pastor. His motives are always pure--they have to be! He doesn't lie, he just makes mistakes because he's human. Sure. He doesn't mean to do any of the nasty things he does! It's too bad people had to die--but Huck was just being compassionate. He can't help his soft heart.

He has their number, and apparently cannot lose it no matter how hard he tries.


Anonymous said...

John maybe you should end your lovefest infatuation with huckabee. Dont worry about what goes on in the best country in the world, that is the USA.

Huckabee gets the best treatment ever, he doesnt face the cruel attacks on him like romney and palin seem to get on a daily basis. Huck brings his own criticisms on himself with the stupid remarks he says.

1. He says he mispoke when he said obama grew up in kenya, how do you err a few times saying the same thing? Lie

2. He says in his defense that on page 183, it is written Obama grew up in indonesia. Lie.

3. He takes a shot at natalie portman "boasting" about being a single mom and rich, when portman has never boasted anything. Huck of course denies attacking anyone.

Huck is very thin skinned and has a problem whenever he receives criticisms. He deflects and cries foul, playing the "victim" card.
Huckabee will not run because he has no real chance.

Doug NYC GOP said...

The Media did not provoke this issue for Huck, he didi it himself, by following his usual -

“I like to spread malicious lies about people, then pretend I was mis-understood or mis-spoke, because I’m really a devious, scheming, unscrupulous, unprincipled, oppurtinistic sneak”

- behavior, and this time he got called on it, big time.

And that makes me smile!

Thank You.

John said...


1) "Socialized medicine" - if you regulate enough, there is no real difference between that and actual nationalization. I'm not a health care expert or anything, but I do believe forcing insurance companies to sell insurance to those with pre-existing conditions crosses the line. I believe that no industry can survive that, so in the long run, the state will have to provide people with insurance, which means effectively nationalization. Whether Romneycare has reached that state I don't know - health care as I said is not my subject. But no doubt in my mind it will.

2) He misspoke. Then he exaggerated exactly what was on page 183 - there is nothing about indonesia on it. Lying means saying something that is false intentionally, I choose to give him the benefit of doubt. You may choose not to.

3) He isn't. Then he wouldn't condemn them on the first page of his new book, A simple government. You need to look at the whole picture.

4) He doesn't support dictatorships, but he is old enough to remember how badly a supposedly democratic revolution can end. Iran is one example, Russia is another - initially, the social democrats took over in Russia, but they were overwhelmed by the communists. Extremists don't have to be many to win, they just have to be desperate. And they are. This is the best chance they've had in ages of establishing Egypt as an Iran-like state.

5) Ask him. My understanding is that he has moved to the right on the issue. I'm not sure if he ever expressed support for the Dream act, or just certain parts of it. Huckabee is usually more balanced than most other conservatives, so he can say positive things about a law without supporting it overall.

6)I guess Huckabee is the kind of old-fashioned guy who thinks that you should show respect towards your President even if you disagree with him on pretty much every issue. Romney on the other hand is Huckabee's opposite (whether you think that is good or bad) and biggest opponent. Of course he is more prone to attacking someone he will face in the primaries in less than a year, than a President whom he will have plenty of time to attack once he is the nominee.

7) I disagree with the premise. I don't think he attacked her at all, he just talked about the "dad deficit" - a deficit which is a fact. The interviewer brought up Natalie Portman, not Huckabee.

8) In the long run, that's all that's going to help. No health care system in the world is going to save you if you insist on not changing the way you live. I have health problems as well (20 years old and already a diabetic), and I don't think in the long run any system will be able to help me if I don't make a personal choice to live healthier. As for other solutions, Huckabee talks about preventive care being important - it can save people from a lot of suffering (getting to see a podiatrist in time instead of having to amputate one's foot) and can also save money (a visit to the podiatrist will definitely cost less).

9) I suppose everyone defines the word socialism differently, and the word has been used so much that it has been watered down. Personally, I think encouraging healthy living isn't really the same thing as forcing insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions. Huckabee has never come off as the kind of guy who wants the government to decide what's in your fridge. Whether Michelle Obama is I don't know, but I have Huckabee's weight loss book where he directly says he doesn't support those ideas.

OhioJOE said...

"Was the shot at Palin really necessary to prove your point?" This is part of the Huckabee strategy, RW. The Huckabeeites want to promote enough Conservatism on one hand to be acceptable to Conservatives. On the other hand they bash Mrs. Palin so as to see to the establishment 'wink wink our candidate is moderate enough for you establishment hacks and lackies.' So for there strategy has worked; we will see if it is too cute by half

DanL said...

But John, I called you brilliant in my blog. I am praising you in the same way Huck would praise Palin. And I went on to provide further support for your theory that Romney is evil.

OhioJOE said...

"1) "Socialized medicine" - if you regulate enough, there is no real difference between that and actual nationalization. I'm not a health care expert or anything, but I do believe forcing insurance companies to sell insurance to those with pre-existing conditions crosses the line. I believe that no industry can survive that, so in the long run, the state will have to provide people with insurance, which means effectively nationalization. Whether Romneycare has reached that state I don't know - health care as I said is not my subject. But no doubt in my mind it will." BINGO!!! Those who claim that MAcare and ObamaCare will not eventually lead to Socialism has not studied what has happened in Europe and Canada. It is difficult to stop the slipery slide once the ride has started.

Anonymous said...

That 'ah shucks, I juuuust misspoke' thing won't work in this election. Were smarter and are on to fakes like huck. He and a few others are totally jealous of Mitt and his lifetime accomplishments. Mitt is a hard worker, building up business, making them successful. He has a successful marriage, with children that are also successful. He has children and grandchildren he is proud of. Not one is doing reality shows, or talboids, or hanging dogs from trees.

DanL said...

But really, John. Last week I spent quite a bit of time pointing out specific failings that Huck made on Kenya, Portman, and the fair tax. You didn't take time to rebut them with substance, evidence, or rational debate. The best you could do was to claim that Huck had a bad week and mispoke. He didn't mispeak. You can give him the benefit of the doubt all you want to. That won't change the fact that he lied again and again over Kenya to cover his butt. He could have easily made all this go away early on if he had just said something like, 'I was mistaken in believing that Obama grew up in Kenya, thank you for correcting me on that.' Instead he became defensive and LIED to cover his ignorance.

When the best response you can make is a rambling, verbose blog, full of denial, deflections, and spurious attacks on your enemies, Palin and Romney, I am left without any more reasoned arguments to make to you. Reason falls on your deaf ears, to no effect. All that I can do is to laugh at the absurdity of your conspiracy rants and blindness to Huckabees lies.

OhioJOE said...

"Not one is doing reality shows, or talboids, or hanging dogs from trees." Haha, you want a hero biscuit?