Monday, March 7, 2011

Exposing Evil

My eternal gratitude goes out to Our Dear Christian Leader, the Grand Exposer, Michael Huckabee. His does not strive for self aggrandizement, but to expose the forces of evil working to destroy this country. In his latest battle to expose the forces of evil he intentionally baited them by claiming that Obama was raised in Kenya. Just to make sure that these forces of evil would come out of the shadows and attack him, Huckabee further dangled the tantalizing, tawdry worm of Portman's unwed pregnancy. This was a masterstroke of genius. He exposed not merely a handful of evildoers, but exposed the whole, rotting, bosom of corruption of media. Further, he clearly exposed the father of all evil, Mitt Romney, as being the force behind the media attacks against him.

Acolyte Gustavsson wrote a brilliant expose in which he called out Romney's media cronies who attacked His Eminence last week.

The second question I’d like to clarify in this post is: Why is this happening now? Why is the media making such a big thing out of everything that Huckabee says all of a sudden? Not just this Kenya stuff, but also the thing about Natalie Portman. The media seems to be really harsch on him, all of a sudden.

Congratulations, supporters of Romney and Palin. You may just have pushed your worst enemy into the race.

And in the comments he makes this cogent point, Huckabee is never “pushed around”. But he may be reminded of exactly how vicious the evil forces in America are, and why he needs to step up and fight them.

In this blog I wanted to provide further proof that Mitt Romney is the greatest evil this nation faces. As seen here, Romney is praying to the god of fire and brimstone.

Furthermore, I will appeal to the oldest, most time honored method for scrying hidden truth. No, not reading pigeon entrails. That is mere chicanery. I am referring to the ancient science of numerology.

From Wikipedia we get a quick lesson in numerology
The practice within Jewish tradition of assigning mystical meaning to words based on their numerical values, and on connections between words of equal value, is known as gematria.

1= a, j, s, t; 2= b, k; 3= c, l, u; 4= d, m, v; 5= e, n, w; 6= f, o, x; 7= g, p, y; 8= h, q, z; 9= i, r

...and are then summed.


  • Hello → 8 + 5 + 3 + 3 + 6 = 25 → 2 + 5 = 7
Let me provide a quick demonstration:

M=4, I=9, T=1, T=1 --> 4+9+1+1=15 --> 1+5=6

M=4, A=1, R=9, T=1, H=8, A=1 --> 4+1+9+1+8+1=24 -->2+4=6



S=1, E=5, A=1, M=4, U=3, S=1 --> 1+5+1+4+3+1=15 --> 1+5=6

There you have it. Mitt, plus his most devious agent in all of the blogosphere, Martha, and the demon dog he used to torture his children, Seamus, provide us with his secret identity: 666. The mark of Satan is on Romney!


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bob said...

Very funny!

Huckabee is a piece of 5hit.

Bobinator said...

Pricless. Best laugh today.

Noelle said...

Awwww, what a cute little puppy!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Very funny, indeed Dan.


Anonymous said...

You left out Martha's evil twin, Ellie?

DanL said...

Anonymous, I assure you that I used numerology to examine not only the name Martha, but also Ellie, Bosman, DanL, and Pablo. None of our names totaled 6, therefore we don't contribute to Romney being marked by the devil. This conclusively proves that Martha is the most devious of all the Romney supporters on the internet.

DanL said...

I should have said in the last comment that Martha was the only name that totaled 6.

Anonymous said...

Martha looks good. Nice...pitchfork.


Revolution 2010 said...

Trying to appeal to the mentality of most Huckabee supporters?

DanL said...

AJR, you know, minus the pitchfork, that is pretty much how I always imagined Martha looked.

Anonymous said...

Dan, If that is the case, then Martha is HOT. :)


Anonymous said...

My name doesn't add up to 6, either, so I can't possibly be the most important demon supporter of Romney, either. I guess Martha is the lucky one. Very funny post!


P.S. I look just like Martha, but I'm a brunette! :)

Anonymous said...

More on Romney and 666 at