Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sarah Palin's Reagan Centennial Speech (02-04-11 videos)

Sarah Palin's Reagan Centennial speech on Friday, February 4, 2011 at the Ronald Reagan Library:

Part 1

Part 2


Bill589 said...

It makes sense that they would pick the most Reaganesque person to be the keynote speaker. I wish he could be here to see his dream is not lost.

Anonymous said...

Barf Alert! Barf Alert!

Doug NYC GOP said...

Some please tell me how Palin qualifies as "most Reaganesque"


Anonymous said...

Doug, how many times do you need to be told? Obviously you are in disagreement so why not give it a rest?

If Romney loses the nomination or the general...I truly believe it will be, partially, due to his most ardent supporters.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jersey, no one gives it a rest when it comes to why they don't like the other candidate. It's just the nature of things around here.

You are about the only Palin supporter I know why gives Romney any credit at all. Most are out for blood. Like C4P. Ha.

Anyway, there's nothing wrong with any of us saying what we think about any of the candidates. That's what this forum is for. Sooner or later, we will come together and support the nominee, at least most will.

I also fail to see much about Palin that is Reaganesque.


ps. I don't judge Palin by her supporters, but on her own actions. Nor would my vote be influenced by anything her supporters might do or say on this board. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

as a speaker she sucks. Got tired of watching her head bop up and down looking at her notes. And ill disagree with the "most reaganesque" part. Reagan wouldnt have quit a job as governor in search of popularity and stardom. If she is the gop nominee against obama, he will wipe the floor with her.

Anonymous said...

Is there a text transcript anywhere?

carlo said...

How is this considered a speech?

The first 3rd is just small talk then, it goes down hill.

Anonymous said...


Let's be honest. If Palin is the nominee you won't support her. Neither will Ellie and Pablo (and perhaps others). I know I will support Romney if he is the nominee.


ConMan said...

I will support Palin if she is the nominee as well.

I pray though that I won't have to follow through on that.

Anonymous said...

Here's my 2 cents on her speech. I think it was a decent speech. I feel she honored a great man while discussing how current events and this administration is an exact opposite of what Reagan would have done. Out of five stars, I give it 3 and a half. Good but room for improvement.


Doug NYC GOP said...

"If Romney loses the nomination or the general...I truly believe it will be, partially, due to his most ardent supporters." - JR

Isn't that a little extreme? Is your statement indicating a voter like you would not support Romney due to a voter like me?

I was challenging this assertion by Bill and so many other Palin supporters, not as a Romney fan but as a Reagan admirer.

If I said Romney was "most Reaganesque" surely you wouldn't let that slide idly by, would you?

This is not to say Palin and Reagan don't share any qualities, they do. In fact all the top candidates share qualities he had and in their own ways, they same similiar qualites themselves.

This idea that Palin alone embodies all these attributes and she alone can lead us is what I find discerning and irritating. Especially in light of the fact she has such difficulty to actually show a mastery of these "Reaganesque Qualities."

Anonymous said...

This is the best speech I have seen Palin do ever, ( that really isn't a very high bar ) I am not really a fan at all. But it is not her delivery but what she is saying that impresses me. Sometimes her delivery style distracts me so much I don't hear what she says. But here she is speaking straight out truth. She must have gotten a better speechwriter.

BTW...Is this this the Romney fan camp?.. Holy cow I don't want another democrat like Comrad McCain running as the R nominee ....that is Romney. Get real people, if you want a big government leftist, there already is one in the other party. You can vote for that guy but don't make our nominee one of them.

Burnie said...

We obviously have a bunch of libs commenting on this speech, not recognising that the content is what the American people want to hear. I enterain that if you can do better let's hear it.