Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rasmussen: Mitt Romney leads President Obama

An early look at potential 2012 match-ups indicates that the election is likely shaping up as a referendum on President Obama. That’s typical when an incumbent runs for reelection. 
The numbers show that Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee essentially run even with Obama at this point. Romney is nominally up two points, 44% to 42%, while Huckabee is tied with the president at 43% apiece.
Head-to-Head: (Obama/Candidate)

Mitt Romney 42/44 (+2)
Mike Huckabee 43/43 (-)
Newt Gingrich 47/39 (-8)
Ron Paul 44/35 (-9)
Jon Huntsman 43/33 (-10)
Sarah Palin 49/38 (-11)
John Thune 45/31 (-14)
Tim Pawlenty 47/32 (-15)
Haley Barbour 47/30 (-17)
Mitch Daniels 42/25 (-17)
Herman Cain 42/25 (-17)
Mike Pence 46/29 (-17)

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kelly said...

Romney in the lead is no surprise

Closer To Home said...

I read this as follows:

Obama's 47 vs. minimally known candidates is his generic high water mark.

37-38 seems to be the generic GOP high water mark.

That means Palin has got nothing from her near-100% name ID. She's toast in the general. Gingrich probably in mostly the same boat.

Anonymous said...



Revolution 2010 said...

Closer to Home,

I agree it's getting to the point now where Palin and Gingrich should be in the second tier with Pawlenty.

The first tier is clearly Romney & Huckabee.

phil said...

PPP and now Rasmussen, all saying the same thing.

I guess that ends all the PPP is in the tank for Romney BS.

zappo said...

There is NO WAY Ron Paul and Huntsman are higher than Palin in these polls.

This is total BS!

Anonymous said...

Huck doesn't seem to be running, so that leaves a lot of uncertainty as to who fills the space. Maybe Pawlenty, maybe Daniels. If I were Romney, I would want Huck and/or Palin in.

Anonymous said...

Oh darn that was me - Martha