Friday, February 4, 2011

20/20 Insight Polling: Mitt Romney top Republican Against President Obama in Georgia

Of Note:

1. Herman Cain comes in above Sarah Palin for the GOP nomination
2. Mitt Romney strongest candidate against President Obama. winning him by 6 points

Who are you planning to support in the Republican Primary? I will read all of the choices first they are [ROTATE LIST]. If you have already made up your mind and you are certain to support...MOE=5.0 this question:

Huckabee: 19%
Gingrich: 18%
Romney: 14%
Cain: 14%
Palin: 11%
Pawlenty: 3%
Barbour: 2%
Daniels: 1%
Some other candidate: 3%

Head-to-Head: (Obama/Candidate)

Mitt Romney 44/50 (+6)
Mike Huckabee 45/50 (+5)
Newt Gingrich 45/47 (+2)
Sarah Palin 47/43 (-4)

910 Georgia voters, from January 24-28, M.O.E +/-3.2% (see pg 13 in crosstabs)

To view the 254 page analysis and crosstabs, click the icon below:


Ann said...

This isn't supposed to happen.

How come Romney is besting all the GOP candidates against Obama. And in NEWT's HOME STATE!

John said...

Is this company serious? Never hard about them before. But if so, then somebody please update the wikipedia page on republican primary polls (I would do it but don't know how). Just add this latest Georgia poll and turn Georgia yellow on the map (and update Huckabee's total number of won states, it's supposed to be 14 + 2).

Granny T said...

This poll seems very similar to PPP polling. Romney and Huckabee poll better than Gingrich and Palin against Obama. Huckabee does better than Romney for the GOP race in a southern state. Palin has been losing support since she had the "unelectable" label attached.

Maybe PPP isn't doing as bad as some think they are. I didn't see any recent polling from PPP for GA to compare. The last one I found was Magellan
from 7/17/2010 that had Gingrich 33.5%, Huckabee 19.1%, Palin 14.5%, Romney 11.4%

Revolution 2010 said...

It's obvious that NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, or WEST, Mitt Romney has THE BEST chance of beating Obama than the others

Granny T said...

Revolution 2010,
What was your pseudonym at ROS?

ConMan said...

Romney does seem to be the best choice for the general election.

BOSMAN said...

Did anyone check out the 254 pages of analysis?

Anonymous said...

Oh Yes!

Romney best Republican in GA vs Obama.