Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Unions move to stop DC Walmart:

It seems that local unions in DC are trying to stop non-unionized Walmart from opening stores in the area before it gets off the ground. Their method, staging a protest rally at the developers house. The following is a copy of the flyer they are distributing:

Notice what the smiley face is looking through!

The full story is here.


Anonymous said...

So now it's ok to harass people at their homes?

It's because of NO UNIONS that Walmart is so successful!


Right Wingnut said...

Oops! I posted a blog on this as well. I didn't see this until it was up. I just deleted it.

BOSMAN said...

Now your home is an open target. These dirt bags won't be happy until all retailers are charging the same high price for the same goods.

Another words, All union shops!