Monday, January 10, 2011

Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck exchange Emails over violence

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin exchanged emails over the weekend after the killings in Arizona:


Right Wingnut said...

Thanks for posting this.

Bill589 said...

There has been at least a dozen times that Palin has been politically hurt beyond recovery, until that is, she turned it around to be something positive for her.

The Left and their media are just digging another hole for themselves to fall in, just like all the other times.

She is either a political genius, or a very, very, lucky woman. Even if I don’t know how yet, considering the last dozen times I was wrong and worried for her, I’d say chances are good Sarah Palin will come out of this stronger than she went into it.

Right Wingnut said...

Bill, That's because the left and the MSM always overplay their hand. After a while, most reasonable people smell a rat, especially after the truth comes out.

Anonymous said...

RWN - The commercials write themselves. The truth is out. You can't hide the cross-hairs, or the 1000 times she's said reload. I'll bet she wishes she could take it all back right about now.

After a year of believing she would definitely run, I now think she won't, and can't.


phil said...

There are a lot of crazies out there looking to become a headline.

I can't imagine what it would be like trying to live and work in the public eye while constantly watching my back.

Anonymous said...

Martha, do you really think the Democrats are dumb enough to attempt to capitalize on this tragedy? Palin may or may not run but this incident will not have a say in it.