Friday, January 28, 2011

Romney up in Michigan

Hi All

New Michigan polling this morning from Mitchell Research:

Romney  28%
Huckabee  15%
Palin  10%
Paul  10%

More information can be found here.



Doug NYC GOP said...

Mitt Leads this poll by 24% with Huck in second at 19%

Granny T said...

Thank you guys for the heads up. I included it in my chart. I'll post my updated information later today - at least after PPP post their NC results. I really want my info to stay as accurate and updated as possible.

BOSMAN said...

It appears there were TWO POLLS:

Mitchell Research that craig sites in his post


Strategic National that Doug mentions in comment #1.

BOTH OVERWHELMINGLY WON by MI favorite son, Mitt Romney!

OhioJOE said...

Sorry, for sending you the moot e-mail. I did not see you post yet. As of now Michigan votes on February 28th, 2012.

OhioJOE said...

"BOTH OVERWHELMINGLY WON by MI favorite son, Mitt Romney! " Oh boy, a 13 point lead I'll give you, but a 5 point lead = OVERWELMING??? True, is it beyond MOE, but I doubt you'd call it overwelming if Mr. Romney was down by less than 10 points.

Granny T said...

What is the link for the other poll?

question #2. I'd like some advice. I like to use the latest polling results posted for each state no matter which polling firm does the polling. How should I update my chart when there is more than one poll released on the same day. Should I average them? Of course, so far there hasn't been any that had contradiction on place holders. It's just been a variation of percentages. Fortunately, the other one in question was Iowa and there was a new poll out this week that solved my problem. So, this is for posting today's MI results and for any possible future issues.

I wish I knew how to post my cool looking chart on the internet. I emailed it to a friend at HA and he posted it on there for me; but it hasn't been updated.

Granny T said...
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OhioJOE said...

" Should I average them?" Essentially, I would, but you need to do your own model.

BOSMAN said...


HEREare the cross tabs for the Strategic National Poll that has it closer.

Follow the link in craigs post for the Mitchell Poll info.

BOSMAN said...


I don't know how to answer the averaging question.

How can you do an average if there is a big difference in the sampling numbers of the different polls?

Revolution 2010 said...

More Great news for Romney!

Does anyone know what the primary schedule is for MI in 2012? Is it basically the same as last year. Before Super Tuesday.

ConMan said...

Way to go Mitt!

Rev, As far as I know, they are still an early state.

Granny T said...

Thank you for trying to answer my question. I just read most of the information that was available for the two Michigan polls posted here. Since I've been doing my best to have the most recent polling results, I will use the info for the Strategic National poll. Even though the main information seems to be the same in all of them except for the percentages - except for who wins 4th. Romney wins first, Huckabee second, Palin third, and Gingrich fourth in the PPP and Strategic National. So, with the date plus the two out of three; I'll go with today's SN.

I'll try to work up a blog to post on here soon.

OhioJOE said...

Unless they change the date, it is February 28th, after Super Tuesday.

kelly said...

I'm glad the MI is still a Romney stronghold.

Ann said...

I'm glad Mitt is doing so well.