Monday, January 24, 2011

Romney On Reagan: A Legacy of Optisim & Strength - USA Today

Reagan saw a federal government that had become, like a diseased heart, enlarged and sclerotic. Paving a path trod today by the Tea Party, he sharply cut taxes to restore economic growth. He took painful measures to rein in double-digit inflation. He fought to cut federal spending. He sought to restore our Founding Fathers' vision of American greatness and limited government.”

So writes Mitt Romney in a USA Today feature article, remembering the legacy of the nation’s 40th President. Romney honors Reagan, whose 100th birthday will be celebrated this February 6th, praising him a “transformational President.”  

Delving further into the Reagan mystique, Romney writes:

America entered the Reagan era as one kind of country and exited it another. His mixture of extraordinary personal and political qualities made it possible. One must begin with his sunny disposition: cheerful conservatism in flesh and blood. The Gipper's irrepressible high spirits tapped into something deeply rooted in the country: optimism, faith in America itself. “

“Reagan came to occupy the White House in a moment of national crisis, not altogether dissimilar from the one we face today.”

The article adroitly underscores similar themes Romney himself has been speaking out on the past few years, as well as in his (soon to be released in paperback) book, "No Apology." 

Critics of Reagan underestimated his abilities regarding policy, but admired his amiable and sunny nature. Critics of Romney often do the opposite. Well Romney displays a little bit of that sunny disposition, wryly bookending his article by remembering Reagan was referred to by critaics an “amiable dunce.”  Romney then turns the phrase on those politicos of today, who fail to see Reagan’s legacy endures.

The full article can be read here.


Anonymous said...

It seems like a nice little article. His writing seems a little once removed from the piece...perhaps lacking in the inter-personal abilities to properly write about our 40th President? Don't get me wrong it's not bad, just a little clunky here and there.

There was line, in particular, that really stuck out to's the line where Romney, forcefully adds the Tea Party into the story of Reagan's legacy of smaller government. It seemed forced in that sentence. Perhaps Romney is tipping his hat to the new party chairman of the NH Republicans?

All in all not bad.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I have to add to my former comment. I originally critiqued the article based on the snippets that Doug used in his post. After writing my original critique I felt it might have been a bit unfair without reading Romney's entire article.

So I did.

After clicking the link, I wasn't sure if the link was correct because there was no mention of Reagan in the fact Romney was mentioned in the title instead. Now perhaps the editors at the USA Today changed his title and instead of including a picture of Reagan, they used a picture of Romney instead...but somehow I doubt that Romney would allow himself to be edited by the USA Today...especially on something so specific as a title or the picture used...but maybe.

After I continued reading I found the article to be horrifically written with short sentences and run-on ideas of simplistic platitudes that had little to do with the over-arching theme of one of our very best Presidents.

Doug, it really seems as though you had to search for a good excerpt to include in your I have to commend you more than I commend Governor Romney.


Right Wingnut said...

The article isn't all that bad, but I don't like how it starts out. Why emphasize that he was called a dunce by a SUPER LAWYER in the very first sentence. Furthermore, I don't care what Obama said. He made some good points, but I found the first paragraph to be a little off-putting.

An "amiable dunce" is what Washington super-lawyer Clark Clifford once called President Reagan.
That was the conventional wisdom among liberals back then. But opinions, at least in some important quarters, have shifted. Campaigning for the presidency, Barack Obama paid tribute to our 40th president's remarkable achievements. Ronald Reagan, he said, "changed the trajectory of America in a way that Richard Nixon did not, that Bill Clinton did not." He put "us on a fundamentally different path."

I agree with President Obama. Ronald Reagan was a transformative president....

Anonymous said...

I just went back to the link and for some reason...the title was changed on USA Today's website to read..."Romney on Reagan:..." before it just read "Romney:..." I guess there was a mistake when they originally posted the I take back that criticism...I do wish they had use a picture of Reagan instead of Romney though...maybe that will change in a few minutes as well.


Anonymous said...

RW, with all due respect...that article is horribly seems like something an 8th grader wrote just before class, right after he researched the Reagan era on wikipedia.


Right Wingnut said...

JR, To be fair, they used a picture of Palin in her article as well.

As to the quality of the writing, I'm trying to be generous. It's better than what I could have done, but I don't have access to the professionals that Romney has.

Anonymous said...

RW, okay to be fair, I guess it's not wrong that they used a picture of Romney as the author of the piece but when I first saw the wrong seemed very strange BUT I think you're not giving yourself enough could easily have written a better piece about Reagan. I don't know if he wrote it in a hurry or if he was writing down to his audience but all awhile writing about a sclerotic heart. It was just bad. Sorry guys...but it is what it is.


Anonymous said...

You guys are funny.


Anonymous said...

But, I will add that I am glad Romney took some time to reflect on Reagan.


Revolution 2010 said...

Reagan was a Great man and President. He was always optimistic but also balanced that with telling it like it was.

Doug NYC GOP said...

"But, I will add that I am glad Romney took some time to reflect on Reagan." -JR

LOL - Fine example of damning Romney with faint praise.

Are you cranky today because the Jets lost?

kelly said...

Our next great President praising a past great President.


Anonymous said...

Nah Doug, I'm South Jersey...Philly territory. And let's be honest, this is not one of Romney's best you agree or disagree? Why or why not?