Friday, January 7, 2011

President Obama on the Economy: Duh!

After finishing up on his prepared remarks on the economy at a window manufacturing company, the President was off on a tour of the company and what he had hoped would be some great photo-ops .

Along the way, a pool reporter managed to get close enough to ask him to explain the connection between the drop in the unemployment rate and the lower-than-expected number of jobs added in December.

I know when I think of a President, I think of the term, "The Buck Stops Here". Well The buck with Obama stops somewhere else.

His response to the reporter was:

"You know, you've got to talk to Austan Goolsbee. That's his job."

After reading his response, the first think that popped into my head was, Mitt Romney in 2012!


Right Wingnut said...

That's worse than McCain admitting he wasn't an expert on the economy. True, Presidents surround themselves with advisors, but his failure to answer this question and defer it to Goolsbee is evidence of his lack of executive experience. After two years, he still hasn't figured out that he can no longer punt on important issues like he did in the Illinois state senate and the US senate. When I see something like this from Obama, I can't help but thinking about Rudy's rousing speech at the 2008 RNC Convention, when he mocked Obama for voting "present" so many times on tough issues. If GWB had said this, he'd be roasted for days by the press.

President Palin can't get here soon enough!

Anonymous said...

I was watching that presser today on TV - he was touting the unemployment rate drop and the headlines I was reading on the computer were dismal.

Add to this his remarks about how Robert Gibbs' salary of $170K+ per year was +MODEST" and you have a real lightweight. Can't wait to see Romeny and him debate innovation, how to implement corrective actions, manage problems, etc.

The entire Presidency is above his pay-grade.

Doug NYC

Bill589 said...

Maybe Obama’s problems would be smaller if he had some kind of portable teleprompter. Like a helmet with two small prompters angled out one on each side. He could wear it to staff meetings, elementary schools, or any place else he absolutely needs one.

Michael said...

This is really shameful. That the President COULDN'T answer it or he chose not to.

phil said...


And of course the only place you here about this is on a few blog sites.

If this had been Palin instead, It would have made the front page of the NY TIMES.