Friday, January 21, 2011

PPP Polling: Obama vs Republicans in Key States

So far we've done 2012 Presidential polls in 6 of the 9 states that George W. Bush won in 2004 but that Obama won in 2008. Obama leads 23 out of 24 hypothetical match ups that we've tested in those states.
Here is the break down for President Obama:

-Obama leads Romney by an average of 3 points in these red to blue states, Huckabee by an average of 4 points, Gingrich by an average of 9 points, and Palin by an average of 13 points.
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Dave said...

As Republicans consider who merits their nomination, electability has to be the overriding concern. As of right now, the finalists for this honor are Romney and Huckabee.

But only one of these two have the demonstrated capacity to fundraise with Obama, and, since the lack of this capacity is tantamount to going into the General UNARMED, Mitt is the only prospective candidate we have at this time who can get elected.

That can change, of course. But as of now, that is the reality of the race.

Bill589 said...

So the highlighted background and bold red letters show who opponents are really concerned about?

The Left try to diminish her constantly too.

“She’s irrelevant.” “She’s irrelevant.” “She’s irrelevant.” “She’s irrelevant.” “She’s irrelevant.” “She’s irrelevant.” “She’s irrelevant.”

Just saying it over and over won’t make it so. Both party establishments are against her. She’s just been through two years but especially the last two weeks of attacks from both sides. All based on lies. And we wonder why her poll numbers are down? The Truth will win in the end. Either that, or we all lose.

BOSMAN said...


It really isn't Rocket science.

Rev highlights the person with the best in black, the worse in red. Unfortunately, Palin has been getting all the red lately

Granny T said...

I noticed that Revolution 2010 omitted this sentence from the article:

"-With the exception of Huckabee voters in these key states generally do not like the Republicans running for President."

BOSMAN said...

Granny T,

That must have been an oversight!

Revolution 2010 said...


See Bosman's Answer.

Granny, It wasn't an oversight. I chose the parts of the article that are relevant.

So according to you, Romney is less liked in those states yet garners MORE SUPPORT than Huckabee. Now that is news.