Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mitt Romney tops National Journal Political Insiders Poll

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney continues to hold the pole position for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination in the latest National Journal Political Insiders Poll. But the surprise runner-up to Romney was the two-term Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who moved up from fifth place when the last ranking of the potential GOP White House contenders was conducted a year ago.

Romney's assets and liabilities are well known and haven't changed much since last January. He has a national network of political and financial supporters left over from his unsuccessful run for the 2008 Republican nomination, a command of economic issues derived from his days in the private sector as a corporate turnaround artist, and the hard-won experience from have run for the presidency before.

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Ann said...

I'm happy to see that Romney is still leading by a large margin here.

Mitch Daniels came up quite a bit. Pawlenty losing ground.

The bottom line is that people in the know, have chosen Romney overwhelmingly. He beats the second spot by over 100%.

John said...

Hi everyone! I'm JohnG from Rightosphere.

I'd like to join this blog, how do I do that? Would I be welcome? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Hey, How are things in Sweden?


PS, haha, I am sure you would be more welcome than some of us. Shhhhh, at least nobody has been banned yet.

Revolution 2010 said...

Hi John,

I'm sure you would be welcome. Contact Bosman by leaving a comment in one of his posts.

I know that you're a Huckabee supporter and he could use a little help around here. I know Bos is interested in getting active bloggers for all the candidates.

Revolution 2010 said...


You laugh, but I'm sure you would be welcome as well. You used to write some good material over at ROS. Maybe you'd like to try your hand again?

GetReal said...

Welcome, John. Nice to see more people from ROS.

illinoisguy said...

The author certainly wasn't very friendly to Mitt.

Pablo said...

John, welcome to Right Speak.

Anonymous said...

I noticed in the video that Daniels is a of petite size. The others, Jeb, GW, etc, tower over him.

It's not important I know, but for some reason I thought he was tall.

Anonymous said...

I love these polls that Romney wins.

I'm kind of surprised by the margin of his win.

I agree IG, the author seems a little snarky about the results of Romney winning.


David said...

I'm surprised at how badly Huckabee and Palin did. Even if it shows, they went up a few points.

I would have thought since last year, their numbers would have been much higher.

Bill589 said...

Well of course the “insiders” like Mitt. It’s the rest of us, the ‘outsiders’ or non-establishment, that he must sway. I’m sure their support helps him, and I doubt anybody would turn it down, but for 2012 it might also hurt him.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, the one on top and the still shot from the video, I had never seen those before. I forgot how presidential Mitt looks. Bill, I've seen polls showing TP'ers have a more favorable view of Mitt than you'd think.


kelly said...


If I'm not mistaken, the Republican insiders could be political columnists, bloggers, Senatorial and Congressional staff, etc.

It's to bad they are not clearer on this point. I doubt they're getting Senators and Congressmen to participate in a poll. If it were these groups, they would brag about it.

Anonymous said...

JohnG, Welcome! How are you? Looking forward to reading your excellent blogs when you have time to breathe from your academic schedule :)


illinoisguy said...

Just for another way of looking at these numbers:

Mitt Romney's 78 represents and average ranking of 2.1 for the 107 voters.
Huckabee's 21 represents an average ranking of 4.9.

illinoisguy said...

OOPS...I meant Mitt's 78 represents an average ranking of 3.9 and Huckabee's an average ranking of 1.1. Sorry about that...

zappo said...

Who or What are, "Insiders".

What kind of journalism is this, if they don't clarify who their sample is.

illinoisguy said...

To give a more complete conversion to what I believe might be a clearer picture of this poll, let me post the other candidates also.

Mitt 78 = 3.9
Mitch 37 = 1.85
Pawlenty 33 = 1.65
Thune 32 = 1.6
Palin 28 = 1.4
Barbour 24 = 1.2
Huckabee 21 = 1.05
Gingrich 16 = .08
Perry 6 = .03
Bush 5 = .025

Anonymous said...

Bogus establishment fixed poll by the Lame Street Media.Palin is #1 and everyone knows it at C4P.Sarahcuda is on the tundra!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 04

Are you TEX?

Guess who?

TexasConservative said...


It is nice that you like to reconfigure the data, but the rest of the data will be released tomorrow.

Romney got 52% of the Republican first place votes. You will like the pie chart that goes with the data.

BOSMAN said...

John G,

I sent you a message to you at ROS. Contact me there. I need your Email address.

BOSMAN said...



ONLY 52% of the Republican votes with 10 CANDIDATES to choose from?

TexasConservative said...

Bosman, I was not hitting Romney. I was just presenting the correct information. I also stated that IG would be happy about the pie chart. Romney dominates it.

Anonymous said...

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