Friday, January 28, 2011

Mitt Romney met privately today with Massachusetts Republicans

Romney dashed into the Union Club, a private meeting spot just down the street from the Statehouse, joined by his brother, Scott, former campaign manager Beth Myers and senior adviser Peter Flaherty. An hour later, he exited, carrying an unfinished, open-faced sandwich, asking reporters if they wanted a bite.
He also denied seeking any campaign support.
"This is a great delegation. I care very deeply about this team, and they're doing great work and working very hard to get good jobs for the people of Massachusetts," he said. "That's what this is all about."
As for presidential politics: "I'm not doing any campaigning, thanks."
That's not what attendees took away from the meeting!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bosman, were you there?

ConMan said...

I would say that Romney meeting with these people was more than having a sandwich with friends.

Right Wingnut said...

I suspect they were coordinating talking points on RomneyCare. Or, perhaps he's looking for some new ones.

He also distinguished the first-in-the-nation universal health care law he signed as governor from the national one enacted last year by Obama.

Romney said states -- not the federal government -- should be free to design their own plans for covering the uninsured.

That's not going to cut it. It does not explain the differences between the two plans. Nobody is arguing that he didn't have the right to do it.

BOSMAN said...

No, I wasn't there!

Ann said...

I'm glad the Romney appears to be getting the ball rolling.

phil said...

There is no doubt that Romney is tying up loose ends before he announces his candidacy.

ConMan said...

These meetings Romney is having lately only spell one thing. He's in for 2012!

Anonymous said...

Please let it happen!