Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mike Huckabee: Have fun at the early debates. I won't be there

Mike Huckabee on the Sean Hannity Show last night is sounding less and less like a candidate in 2012. What do you think?


Right Wingnut said...

Damn, I've been looking for this video. Where did you find it?

His body language says as much as his answers, IMO. He looked very uncomfortable. Combine this with the $3 million house, the week long cruise in June, the poor fundraising, rumors that his wife doesn't want him to run again, etc. He's not running.

BOSMAN said...



I won't tell!
Let's just say, you need to know where to look and the early bird gets the worm.

I agree, He's not running.

marK said...

I think he is being completely honest. That is what his body language is saying to me. The man is keeping the option open, but he is in no hurry to commit. He hasn't even committed to himself.

There is a lot to think about in making a run for President. It takes an absolute, flat-out 120% commitment. It will consume your life for the next two years. AND assuming that you are successful, you are rewarded by being locked into the most demanding executive job on the planet for four years.

Huckabee got the "Gee, I think I'll run" out of his system two years ago. He has no illusions about it. Right now he is looking at his situation -- his job, his new house, his family -- and weighing the consequences of running and their effects on these.

I don't think he is going to run, either, but those good polls sure make it tempting to him.

Anonymous said...

Good polls sure make it tempting to him.

Every single poll that has Huckabee ahead is fixed.I don't know one person on this entire planet that would vote for him or Romney.

Pres. Sarah / V.P. Rudy

marK said...

"How did Nixon win, I don’t know anyone who voted for him?"

Attributed to columnist Pauline Kael after the ‘72 presidential election.

Michael said...

Huckabee biggest obstacle is raising money. He knows this.

He makes a good salary but not enough to self fund.

Randy Davis said...

Our hope is that Governor Huckabee decides to run. Those “conservatives” who attempt to make the case that Mike Huckabee is a “big government liberal” is like saying Michael Jordan was a great quarterback for the Chicago Bears. One- it’s false and two, it’s stupid.

During the 2008 primaries, I checked not just the candidates’ words, but their actual RECORDS. The only candidate whose record earned my respect was Mike Huckabee. During his 10+ years as governor (re-elected twice), Huckabee demonstrated leadership, vision, effective management, and solid conservative principles.
He lowered taxes while increasing efficiency and services. Roads and schools were improved dramatically during his time in office, while the tax burden stayed the same. All this was accomplished in the Democrat jungle of Arkansas. He also polls the highest among independents, which is essential. He is not a “big government” liberal or “weak” on immigration as he is often falsely characterized, but actually quite the opposite.

Huckabee is a gifted communicator who would be envied by even Ronald Reagan himself. In addition, he is a tremendous campaigner and a skilled debater. What’s more, his record backs up his clear pro-life statements. The ideal leader is someone whose life and character motivate people to follow. The best kind of leadership derives its authority first from the force of the right example, not merely from prestige, personality, or position. By contrast, much of today’s “leadership” is nothing but manipulation of people by threats and rewards. Real leadership is not about style, but character.

Unless we want another four years of Obama, “conservatives” need to look at the facts, rather than the bilge spewed by the Rush-Coulter-Malkin crowd. Although he is ignored by many in the media unless it is to trash, distort, or twist his record – Governor Huckabee is the “once in a lifetime” type of conservative with the experience to lead our nation in a more hopeful direction. I’m proud to support this true conservative leader.

Gary Walter said...

I strongly believe Gov. Huckabee will run and our country will be the better for it. Huckabee 2012!

marK said...


Why do you so strongly believe Mike is running? Can you give me any good reasons to think it isn't just wishful thinking on your part?

There are a number of reasons why I think Mike might not run, but the biggest is perhaps the number of times he has stated it is unlikely. The wording is important. If he had just said, "I haven't made up my mind yet", I could believe it. Until a candidate actually throws his hat into the ring, you can say that he hasn't made up his mind yet.

But saying that it is unlikely is different. To say that, but all the while thinking that you probably will smacks of dishonesty. Do you, as a Huckabee fan, see Mike flirting so close to lying and living with his conscience? I certainly am no fan of his, yet I can't see him doing that.

So as I see it, he is either is being dishonest when he says it is unlikely he will run, or he is likely not to run. I prefer to think the later, since it would mean he was a man of integrity. But I can do that since I am not a fan and have no investment in the outcome.

You, on the other hand, have to choose between him being dishonest (which you don't want) or running (which you do).

Anonymous said...

I met Huckabee at a small meet&greet lunch this summer. I'd take his statements at face value. He is smart enough not to wade into an expensive debacle for his comfortable career at this time. Not to "dive into and empty pool". He told our group he has no overwhelming desire to get into the Presidential race because he's "been there, done that, and has a warehouse full of T-Shirts to prove it."

He may well want to see if Sarah Palin "runs away with it" or not. If she doesn't, he might jump in, or remain out as a likely VP choice.

I think he'd rather see Palin than Romney and wouldn't want to split the conservatives vs the RINOs.

phil said...

Anon :19,

Do you really think Palin can take on Romney?

Romney holds his own with conservatives in most polls. Coming in within the MOE.

How does Palin do with so called (Rino's) centrists/moderates vs Romney?

How does Palin do with independents vs Romney?

I think you already know!

Anonymous said...

marK - Welcome.
Very good seeing you posting here. Hopefully you'll keep up to date with your poll analysis and fund raising charts.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like mark is a mind & body reader. Creepy.

marK said...

"Sounds like mark is a mind & body reader. Creepy."

No, just an observer of people. Just watch carefully what they do and say, then extrapolate keeping in mind Occam's Razor. It's not hard.

Huckabee 2012 said...