Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Michael Savage interviews Donald Trump, the candidate?

Conservative talk show host Michael Savage interviewed Donald Trump yesterday on his radio show:

Michael and the Donald are already receiving some flack on his possible run:


Anonymous said...

Trump has about as much of a chance getting the nomination as I do.

I agree with the protest video as to, He would be a distraction at most.


Bill589 said...

Zeke -
I'd vote for you over Trump. Your chances are better than his. He has high negatives in my neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...

Haha, yeah, I'd take my chances with Zeke over Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump is an interesting guy, but I do not want him in the White House. Is he even a Republican?


Anonymous said...

You will never get a person in the office like you want. Take Mr. Trump or take Obama. I think it's clear...The Donald would be waaay better for America than Barack.

Anonymous said...

-- So you guys would let China run further amuck into our lives? Roll over and get it again and again? Let the primitive middle eastern value system dictate your lives and those of your children?

You pantywaists are pathetic. Here's a guy with a plan - something you've not and he is ready to stand on point and get down and dirty with those who want all your stuff including your lives.

Suck it up you Nancy Pants. The rest of the world is counting on you to spit up on yourselves again.

Revolution 2010 said...

"Take Mr. Trump or take Obama. I think it's clear..."

I won't have to take either!