Monday, January 10, 2011

Huckabee starts off New Year topping the polls

The horserace for 2012 has yet to start, but Mike Huckabee begins the year doing very well in the polls:

Gov. Mike Huckabee enjoys the highest net-favorable rating with 30% amongst Republicans according to the most recent Gallup Poll:

Even though Palin tops in name recognition, Huckabee is still most favored:

Huckabee tops Iowa Poll

According to the GOP Neighborhood Research, Mike Huckabee received the support of 24 percent of Republicans saying they are “very likely” that they will participate in the 2012 caucuses. Mitt Romney follows Huckabee with 19% support, and Palin with 11%.

As for second choice options, Huckabee again leads with 36%, Romney follows with 28% and Palin with 22%.

Third choice options, Huckabee still leads with 41%, Romney follows with 32% and Palin with 27%.

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Anonymous said...


Look at the Iowa poll results ABOVE in REV's post. the cross tabs show that among actual voters there is only 1 point difference between Huck and Mitt.

What happened to Hucks BIG lead?


Doug NYC GOP said...

I don't think TC intended to mix the results on purpose.

Huck leads Romney by 1 point witht he definites.

illinoisguy said...

I don't think the facts support the title. I think the insiders poll, and other polls since the first of the year would be more important than Huckabee leading his best state by one point over Mitt. The other poll you point to is a favorables/unfavorables. Mitt never does as well with those as he does with actual voting polls. For anyone who has ever seen Mitt, he is extremely likeable, so I have no idea why he tends to not do as well with those unless it's a religious thing.

Anonymous said...

Great Gallup showing for Huck in new 2011 polls....

NRG poll as well:

As for second choice options, Huckabee again leads with 38%, Romney follows with 28% and Palin with 22%.

Rombots spinning all this = Comedy Gold, of course

kelly said...


Did you bother to read all the data?

"...........Among the candidates, Romney converts a higher percentage of his favorables into votes than any other candidate (42 percent) followed by Huckabee at 36 percent, Palin and Pawlenty at 24 percent, Pence at 20 percent, Gingrich at 16 percent, Paul at 13 percent, Cain at 9 percent, Bachmann at 8 percent, Thune at 5 percent, Santorum at 4 percent and Barbour at 3 percent.

When it comes to first and second choices, Romney converts 56 percent of his favorables followed by Huckabee at 51 percent, Palin at 46 percent, Pawlenty at 37 percent, Gingrich at 36 percent, Pence at 33 percent, Thune at 28 percent, Cain at 22 percent, Paul at 21 percent, Bachmann at 19 percent, Barbour at 16 percent and Santorum at 9 percent.

Looking at first, second or third choice, Romney gets 64 percent of his favorables, Huckabee 60 percent, Palin 53 percent, Pawlenty 52 percent, Gingrich 48 percent, Pence 43 percent, Thune 33 percent, Bachmann 29 percent, Paul 28 percent, Cain 26 percent, Barbour 22 percent and Santorum 14 percent.............

TexasConservative said...

Actually, I had one number wrong and I will fix that. But taking the poll at face value, which is what I did, here is the information:

When counting second choice votes, Huckabee led Romney 36-28 (35-28 with definites) with Palin at 22 percent (26 percent with definites) and Gingrich at 19 percent (17 percent with definites). Pawlenty had 7 percent, Paul 6 percent, Bachmann 5 percent, Pence and Thune 2 percent and Barbour, Santorum and Cain at 1 percent.

Anonymous said...

"unless it's a religious thing" Let's cut the crap.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post, TC.

Sounds like about the same as in '08...

Mike Huckabee Arkansas Republican 34.41%
Mitt Romney Massachusetts Republican 25.23%

Although I don't expect Romney to spend even half of the money, time, and attack ads that he did last time through Iowa. You'd think he had learned his lesson. But we'll see...

TexasConservative said...

from PPP twitter:

# Romney and Ron Paul tied for 4th among Iowa Republicans who consider themselves Tea Party members at 9% less than 20 seconds ago via web

# Romney's first in IA among Republicans who oppose goals of the Tea Party...which may sum up the whole problem with his campaign 3 minutes ago via web

BOSMAN said...


How is Mike doing with the Definites?

Doesn't have quite the lead in Iowa as Mitt has in NH Huh?

illinoisguy said...

OJ, it's the way I feel. I have no idea why the most qualified man, most intelligent, hardest worker, extremely high integrity, problem solving, great family man, very friendly person could not have higher favorables unless religion is involved. Please don't squelch my honest feelings on this.

illinoisguy said...

Other polls pertaining to tea party shows other results.

Again, early polls in this year do not support the title of this thread.

Anonymous said...

"Please don't squelch my honest feelings on this." It may be your honest feeling, but I do find it interesting that you did not come to the aid of a few other candidates when their religion was attacked on Race.


phil said...

Romney is surprisingly strong there.

illinoisguy said...

I'm not saying Mitt's religion was being attacked. I'm saying it is a factor when people are stating their favorables.

I'm not around all the time you know.