Sunday, January 23, 2011

Glenn Beck predicted Olbermann's firing 2 weeks ago

It's almost as if Beck knew someone involved in the Comcast acquisition. The following clip contains video of Beck's prognostications along with a segment of Countdown in which Olbermann calls Beck 'the worst person in the world' for predicting his demise.

Notice that he also predicted that the changes at MSNBC would result in cries from the left to get rid of Fox. It appears as though he may be right about that as well. Look what I just found on the front page at Politico.

H/T Hillbuzz


Bill589 said...

When McCain/Palin lost, the Left in unison rejoiced that they wouldn’t have to talk about SP again. Keith Overmann mocked something like that old line, “Don’t go away sad, little girl, just go away.” This was the first of several separate times he had her as politically dead.

There is another old line I think of now: “She who laughs last . . . “

Bill589 said...

Glenn has done well with several predictions. I hope he stays optimistic.
People are learning a lot from him. He’s a good fighter for our side.