Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday night humor: Hillary stumbles while boarding plane

This is rather humorous. Can you imagine if this would have happened to GWB?

Perhaps Hillary should wait until she's on the plane before drinking. The press is probably trying to figure out a way to blame Sarah Palin.


marK said...

"Can you imagine if this would have happened to GWB?"

Well, GWB was the President. So too was Gerald Ford.

A more appropriate comparison would be, "Can you imagine if this would have happend to Sarah Palin?"

Anonymous said...

I did happen to Ford all the time! Seems they caught him falling forever.

If Palin would fall she blame it on the lamestream media, and not on the naughty monkeys.

corey said...

Poor Gerry Ford. I think he held the American record for being hit with a golf ball. Not his mind you, someone else's.

zappo said...

I hope she runs, If for no other reason than aggravating the hell out of Obama.