Monday, December 20, 2010

Rep Peter King plans Hearings on Muslim Radicalization

The Republicans' new Homeland Security chair plans hearings on Muslim radicalization and is already receiving flack on those plans.
"We have to break through this politically correct nonsense which keeps us from debating and discussing what I think is one of the most vitally important issues in this country. We are under siege by Muslim terrorists and yet there are Muslim leaders in this country who do not cooperate with law enforcement."

More on that story HERE.


Anonymous said...

Good for him. It's about time we stop dancing around this issue.


Pablo said...

Hopefully this won't turn into an anti-Islam crusade, although it probably will.

BOSMAN said...

King is correct. We need to take a SERIOUS LOOK at fighting terrorism in this country. If profiling is effective, I say USE IT!