Thursday, December 30, 2010

PPP Polling Governor and Senate 2010 Approval Ratings

As much noise as was made about voters being mad at Washington this year, they actually react more favorably to their Senators than they do their Governors. The average Gubernatorial approval rating is 42% with 45% of voters disapproving. The average Senator was actually in net positive territory at 43% approving and 40% disapproving. 12 Governors have positive approval numbers, 16 have negative ones, and 2 split right down the middle.

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More on the Senate Approval Ratings HERE.

Did anyone see any surprises?


kelly said...

With all the negative, he's a RINO, buzz that's out there on Scott Brown, It's obvious somebody likes him with the second highest favorable ratings.

Michael said...

How about Lisa Murkowski of Alaska? Near the bottom yet she won re-election on a write-in.

zappo said...

Murkowski's numbers are a prime example of how screwed up Alaska is.

Anonymous said...

Tim Pawlenty down 10 points in his home state. That's not good for a potential 2012 run.


Revolution 2010 said...

Charlie Crist is more popular than Perry, Pawlenty, and McDonnell?

Who did PPP Poll?

phil said...

I agree Rev. Some of these don't make any sense.