Saturday, December 4, 2010

Palin Wins Hot Air's Presidential Preference Poll

Hot Air polled it's readers on a number of things including preference of Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidate.

Palin dominated the Presidential poll with 30% of the vote. Romney came in a strong 5th place with 5% of the vote. Huckabee captured 32 votes out of over 4000 cast--barely edging out Santorum and Trump.
Preferred Presidential Candidate of Hot Air Readers

And the winner for Best Politician in a Hopefully Leading Role is Sarah Palin, beating Chris Christie handily and in a substantial reversal from the last poll we took at Hot Air on the topic. Paul Ryan, Bobby Jindal, and Mitt Romney round out the list at three, four and five.

Proving once again that the Republican party is becoming more diverse, the top 5 Vice Presidential picks include an African American, a Hispanic, an Indian American, a woman, and a fat guy.
Preferred Vice Presidential Candidate of Hot Air Readers

Taking the prize for Best Politician Hopefully in a Supporting Role, Florida Senator-elect Marco Rubio topped the vice presidential list by a squeaker over crowd favorite Chris Christie, 564 votes to 523 votes. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal came in a close third with 517 votes. Taking fourth, fifth, and sixth were Congressman Paul Ryan, former Governor Sarah Palin, and Florida Congressman-elect Allen West, in that order. (Note Palin and West; we’ll get back to them in a moment.)

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Bill589 said...

Now this is a completely scientific poll I can get behind! I knew they’d start doing them right eventually. And Palin has crossed the 2.5 million ‘friends’ mark on Facebook! The only logical conclusion of all this is that she pretty much has the presidency in the bag.

Of course, maybe I’m being a tad overly optimistic and am reading a little too much into these things. . . .
I don’t know. For now I’ll just go to bed happy and think about it again tomorrow when I’m sober.

Doug NYC GOP said...

"The only logical conclusion of all this is that she pretyy much has the presidency in the bag."

HaHaHaHa, as Bosman would write. How do you drink you Palin-Aid? Straight Up or on the rocks?

kelly said...

that's a lot of hot air.