Monday, December 27, 2010

Fox News Sunday 2012 Predictions

I was a little hesitant to call these predictions because this past Fox News Sunday panel seemed all over the place. This is more or less part of what they said:
Newt's running!
Don't underestimate Gingrich!

Palin is not running.
Palin doesn't have the intellect to be formidable against Obama.

Romney is the front runner.
Romney's Health Plan will be a major problem.

Mike Huckabee is underestimated.
His (Huckabee) so-con support will drive many Republican's nuts.

The race is wide open for a late comer.
Ryan? Christie? Barbour? Pence? Daniels? Pawlenty?
Here's the video. Listen for yourself.
Are any of them on to something?


Anonymous said...

Kristol is not a fan of Romney. I guess he;s not a fan of Palin's as well.

Tracey said...

Kristol was a big Palin fan. He was never a Romney fan. Who cares what Kristol thinks.

Anonymous said...

Kristol, like many major establishment Republicans, was a big Palin fan because they felt she was sort of a blank slate they could control. They were only half right, and most have abandoned the bandwagon.

phil said...

I agree with kristol. Palin for many different reasons ($$$$$$$, favorability, able to win general, over her head) will not run in 2012.

BOSMAN said...

I agree with Kristol. I don't think Palin will run THIS time.

Why leave the $$$$$$$$ if it's not a sure thing. Same with Huckabee.

It's not a sure thing!

Fox may have done Romney a favor by signing these people up and then OVEREXPOSING them.

Anonymous said...

I predict that things are going to continue to occur according to the 'ELITE' new world order agenda. Barring any 'unexpected' event. Whoever is chosen by the elite to be in any office in Washington will be put there, because that is how the show has been run for millenia. And neither you nor I nor anyone else for that matter can do anything about it. I did vote. And what's up with the bird/fish kill? Methane?

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin incredible showing in the midterms makes her the inevitable nominee.