Monday, December 13, 2010

Fox News has yet to announce: 12 in '12 series Poll was a Mitt Romney Landslide.

A little before November 19th, after the completion of the Fox 12 for '12 series that profiled 12 potential candidates for the 2012 Republican nomination for President, Fox posted a poll on their website asking readers to chose their favorite candidate out of the 12. Well. The votes poured in and the results have yet to be announced. After viewing the results back in November, I had a hunch that Fox may not like the pending results. I posted this:

Here are the results of the RIGHT SPEAK poll as of December 12, 2012 after 4400+ votes were cast:

As you can see, most who voted did not believe that Fox News would announce the results of their poll that had Mitt Romney well in the lead. Here are Fox News current results:

Mitt Romney 46.35%  (70,533 votes)
Sarah Palin 19.91%  (30,295 votes)
Mike Huckabee 16.66%  (25,360 votes)
Other 11.63%  (17,702 votes)
Chris Christie 2.1%  (3,191 votes)
Mike Pence 0.83%  (1,265 votes)
Newt Gingrich 0.74%  (1,121 votes)
6 other candidates received less than .05%

Total Votes: 152,185 (as of 12/12/10)

I believe those who voted in the Right Speak poll were correct. Fox has not announced the results, at least in prime time or on Bret Baier's Special Report. It was not announced That it was a Mitt Romney's landslide. Maybe they're holding out until the results are to their liking?



kelly said...

This Fox News version of, Fair and Balanced.

Anonymous said...

"Fair and Balanced", that's a joke.

It's to bad that Fox has chosen to go the route of the King/Queen maker.

These votes and Romneys tremendous win, prove that people aren't buying Fox's view as to who should be the next President.


Anonymous said...

Fox news is doing what the "LSM" did when they gave us Obama. Fox is peddling incompetence and taking on the roll of Kingmaker just like they did.

I hope the American people aren't buying the hype. Fox, Hannity and Rush have all sold out to ratings. Yes, Sarah Palin may be a ratings booster but lets not forget half of her audience will not vote for her. She is not as popular as the ratings may reflect.

phil said...

I'm very disappointed in Fox. Everything they are doing lately seems to be anti-Romney. This poll lets them know that more disagree with them than agree

Anonymous said...

OMG...who cares?!?!

Do you guys(Romney supporters) really want to alienate the only Right leaning News channel on television because you feel Romney isn't being portrayed fair enough in their broadcasts? If Romney wins the primaries, Fox News will be the only channel that will paint Romney in a good light during the general...GET OVER IT!!!

I thought only Palin supporters were whiners.


BOSMAN said...


".....I thought only Palin supporters were whiners."



Rombots whine selectively and usually when justified.

Palinites Whine CONTINUOUSLY. Most of which is to complain why everyone isn't falling for the faux image of Palin that they are spewing forth on a daily bases.

kelly said...

Well said Bosman.

Anonymous said...

Bosman, I noticed you guys(Romney supporters on this site and ROS) are really talented at cherry-picking partial comments while ignoring the major point...why is that?


BTW - Palin is on our side...I know you really favor Romney but Palin is a good conservative fighting for our cause every day.